The conditions are already in place to reopen the transfer from Negratín to Levante and Valle del Almanzora

El Negratín could send water to the Almanzora Valley and Levante almeriense this Monday, when passing the 210 Hm3 dammed, minimum level contemplated in the exploitation protocols from which it is possible to transfer water resources. De facto, on this Sunday night accumulated 212,38 Hm3.

One year 2020 Especially dry he closed the tap of the Granada reservoir to the aforementioned regions of Almería last 13 August, and the swamp was lowering its level to 160 Hm3. However, the melting of recent snowfalls in the mountains of the Granada highlands have reversed the situation and replenished resources.

If this entry of water has not occurred, the repercussions on agriculture in the north of the province would have been “tremendous” according to the irrigators of the Almanzora Valley and the Levante, about to exhaust its reserves and with the Ministry of Ecological Transition “cutting” rights over the Tagus -in the last month they have been lowered by 3 the Hectometres to be transferred despite the headwater swamps exceeding 228 Hm3 the stipulated threshold-.