Vera presents its application for alerting and incident management

Felix Lopez during his speech.

Felix Lopez during his speech.

The Convento de la Victoria Vera yesterday hosted the presentation ceremony of the new technological application of Incident Management by any citizen who has a mobile and observe any incident, you can photograph it and get it directly to the City. "In this way", He explained the councilor of New Technologies, Isabel Maria Belmonte, "We managed to make citizens more participant and make it a cornerstone, because thanks to their cooperation and together we can achieve better Vera ". He stressed moreover, the big bet made by the City Council veratense by new technologies.

"Incident management", in the words of Councilor of Public Service, Francisca Garcia, "Anyone can make using the mobile phone when we walk through our parks, our streets, for any place in our town, It is a citizen work. You are, the citizens, the immediate and protagonists closest to this application ". "It's a service that complements the communication channels with the City. With all that, residents of the municipality contribute in an active way to the better functioning of municipal services, providing technical information required City Council to maintain a good condition of the municipality ", He concluded.

During the presentation of the application is available for most mobile devices, Information Coordinator, Antonio Ramos Flores, He explained how to get the app for both Android and Apple, "In addition to a demonstration of the system in real time reporting of the incidence detected by the citizen and sent to City Hall, monitoring the incidence and, finally, of its resolution ". "Ultimately, It is the City Council to adapt to new technologies ". "Application Incident Management", detailed Antonio Ramos, "Contemplates multiple categories and types of incidence as, inter: steely (cracked, locked, dirty), lighting (luminaire off, records broken), cleaning, police, children's parks, signals, Parkland".

Thereby, citizens can move directly to the City in real time various types of incidents, faults and flaws, they can find in town. For this, from the mobile device itself can take a picture, attach it to the notice, locate the exact location, briefly detail incidence, send communication to get directly to the municipal responsible for the application and be processed by the relevant service.

For his part, the mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, He closed the act with the conviction that new technologies serve to improve public spaces, improve relationships, the image of the municipality and to provide ideas. "With this application we propose that coexistence is positive, is a tool that unites us in good service to the residents of Vera. It is a technological application that opens a new field of communication between the municipal authorities and citizens ". "This shows", added, "That the city of Vera has a team of open government, which encourages participation, and, above all, It is a tool for neighbors to reveal their own responsibility and the ability to engage with the municipality ". Felix Lopez ended his speech by appealing to citizen collaboration and transparency of municipal services.