Vera presents the Moors and Christians in FITUR

The President of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, He was in the presentation of Vera.

The President of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, He was in the presentation of Vera.

The president of the Andalusian stopped at the booth of Costa de Almería to specifically greet the representatives of the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians Vera, Welcoming this veratense representation Andalucía serve to be known beyond our borders.

With the introduction of the festival of Moors and Christians began yesterday the participation of the City of Vera in tourism fair, FITUR 2017. They moved to Madrid 30 members of the squadrons of Moors and Christians, after a brief, but bright parade Pavilion Andalusia, They staged the keys of the city to the Christian king, representation known as the Capitulations.

He began the act Isabel de Haro, Councilor for Tourism of the City veratense, who thanked the President of the Provincial Council, Gabriel Amat, the delegate of Tourism and Culture, Alfredo Valdivia, as well as the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians Vera and representatives of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows. At the same time he congratulated the Moors and Christians "for being ambassadors Vera tourism at the International Tourism Fair most important of those held in Europe".

Both the President of the Provincial, as the Delegate for Tourism and Culture, His words highlighted with the scope and importance of the recovery of traditions that are rooted in our history. So, Gabriel Amat made a tour of the traditions and customs of some almerienses municipalities and congratulated the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians Vera "for effort and painstaking research to accurately reflect key moments that punctuate the history of Almería". For his part, Alfredo Valdivia tourism meant that the city of Vera offers Moors and Christians. Contact the tradition and history of the town since the sixteenth century, this event involves rescuing citizenship. I'm sure it will entrench significantly in those who star in and all the neighbors. Thus there is an interaction between what is intended and citizens ".

Secretary of the Association of Moors and Christians, Pedro Lopez Soler, He recalled that the parade of Moors and Christians Vera recovers tradition and culture and, "He vindicated the importance of the celebration of Moors and Christians in many municipalities in the province and especially of Almeria and, its unbeatable opportunity to offer these festivals as a tourism resource in June ". Then, Cidi Yahya took delivery of key Vera King Ferdinand V surrounded by a retinue Moors and Christians richly attired.

Complementing the promotion of cultural tourism event, During the ceremony a video sample of the Festivities in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows and the last parade happened in the city that ended a spectacular parade through the screened enclosure.