Vera has in FITUR 'culture year 2018'

The Delegate of Tourism during his speech.

The Delegate of Tourism during his speech.

The town of Vera is rich in traditions, its folkloric heritage is broad: gastronomy, To painting; Folklore Museum. On these grounds, Councilor for Tourism and Culture, Isabel de Haro, He stated in the presentation of '2018. Cultural Year "that" breathes Vera Culture and why, Thursday, we present here, a FITUR, some activities and events planned for this year 2018, Vera culture year ". Councilor for Tourism and Culture I referred to Poetry Contest Vera City, which they were presented about two hundred authors from around the world, and that next spring will fail.

Also, Isabel de Haro explained that "this year we will celebrate for the first time a film festival with screenings of short and feature films, more a contest of short espresso 48 Vera shot hours ". During the festival there will be presentations and workshops film trades by national professionals in the audiovisual sector, He added the Councilor for Tourism and Culture.

Finally, and accompanied by the Councilor for Public Services, Francisca Garcia Carretero, the mayor of Tourism and Culture highlighted the special attention this year will have art festivals in Vera "because this year an anniversary that fills us with pride to all veratenses is fulfilled: the 50 Anniversary Art Festivals.

Alfredo Valdivia, Delegate for Tourism and Sports, He highlighted the cultural projection of veratense municipality that develops throughout the whole year. "I've had the great opportunity to attend the staging of events like the parade of Moors and Christians, along with other magnificent stagings in Art Festivals, make up a very attractive set of stagecraft in Vera ".

For his part, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, Deputy Culture of the Provincial Council, He highlighted the importance of culture, "An important tool for tourism development. Hence, Delegation from the City of Vera has all our willingness and means to work on the recovery of the cultural roots of the municipality ".