Vera delivery in Fitur the 'Golden Sun' and Introduces New Corporate Identity

Image of the event.

Image of the event.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Francisco Javier Fernandez, has assisted with its attendance to the delivery of the ‘Sol de Oro’ which is granted annually by the Vera Town Council during the International Tourism Fair, FITUR. The event began yesterday with a few words from the mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez, that, accompanied also by the delegate of Tourism, Alfredo Valdivia, the Head of the Provincial Service of Tourism of the Deputation, José Cecilio Baños, and the Councilor for Tourism, Isabel de Haro, defined the criteria followed by the City Council to grant the distinction that in this edition has fallen to the company ‘Sama 2005’ “for its merits in the security and first aid service that they develop on the beaches of Vera during the summer season, in addition to collaborating closely with the City Council at specific times as it was in the last rains in the Levante of Almería ”.

On behalf of ‘Sama 2005’, your manager, David Mahiques, appreciated the recognition received, at the same time as expressing the objective of "offering a rescue and life-saving service that is a benchmark in the Levante region of Almería. Also, we carry out sporting events, tourist and cultural, especially on beaches and sports facilities ”. David Mahiques made special mention of his human team to provide life-saving and rescue services.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Francisco Javier Fernandez, He explained that "last year our objective was to promote Levante in Almería through the training of workers. Almería has a great future ahead, great attractions besides the beach, like sports practice, culture". "We want it not only to be visited, but live Almería. We want to distribute the tourist flow throughout the territory and throughout the year. We have to consolidate the good tourism figures and work on the promotion and design of the products ”, concluded.

New Corporate Identity

Then, Félix López carried out the official act of presentation of the new institutional identity and tourism promotion campaign of Vera.

On behalf of the Almería Provincial Council, he accompanied the Mayor of Vera, the Head of the Provincial Tourism Service, José Cecilio Baños, and the Tourism Delegate, Alfredo Valdivia, on behalf of the Junta de Andalucía, and the Councilor for Tourism, Isabel de Haro.

The Mayor of Veracruz stated that "this Corporation is aware of the importance of promotion for the tourist development of the municipality. Thus, We are committed to launching this campaign that we present today in the best possible framework, as is the one offered by the international tourism fair FITUR ".

The new positioning and visual identity identify and define Vera, under a modern and dynamic image, based on its excellent beaches and tourist activity, but also in the great offer of services of the municipality, being one of the most relevant commercial centers of the Almería Levante.

Félix López invited attendees to enjoy our municipality beyond the summer season, because if you can spend the whole year summertime it is in Vera. "Invite them to live our beaches intensely, our gastronomy, our customs and culture, since summer, how the slogan of our campaign says, is to live Vera ”.

Alfredo Valdivia, Tourism delegate in Almería, He referred to the previously projected video and summarized his intervention in "To spend the summer is to head south for your compass".


Vera city, with its extraordinary location on the Costa de Almería, where light and sun are protagonists throughout the year, has 7 kilometers of beaches recognized with blue flags for their quality and characteristic climate of the Mediterranean environment, with thousands of hours of sun and very little rain.

And it is that Vera offers tradition, present, exercise, with great cultural and gastronomic wealth, being one of the most relevant commercial centers and services lung of the Almería east.

And all of it, we want to reflect it in a new positioning and visual identity that identify and define Vera, under a single image, modern and distinctive that defines the tourist activity and services:

The logo is made up of a gestural typeface that gives it spontaneity, freshness, closeness and life, using chromatic level light and Mediterranean colors. Each letter reflects with its color the characteristics that make Vera unique: nature, city, services and beach.

The wink of the sea and the sun frame the logo in a city consolidated as an important tourist destination where the sun shines almost every day of the year.

This positioning and new image will be complemented by the new tourism promotion campaign of the municipality. A fresh campaign, that shows all its peculiarities in a close way, fun and very complicit with citizens and visitors, with the aim of promoting the flow of tourists to Vera, as a city of beach and services, and translating this visit into unforgettable experiences

What does #Veranear mean?

According to the RAE, Summer is "Spending summer vacation in a different place from where you usually reside".

But in Vera, we want that to be only one of the meanings, because "summer" is much more than spending the summer, is to extend the adventure throughout the year, leisure, services, the tradition, gastronomy… is LIVING VERA.

The message conveys an image of life, of relaxation and idyllic beaches, bright destinations, quiet, but with thousands of things to do, ideal for both family and relaxation tourism, for naturist tourism, as well as leisure and adventure tourism, a whole compendium of activities that can be enjoyed in Vera.