Vera, almeriense enclave accessible tourism, It presents in FITUR your guide Easy Reading

Isabel de Haro, Head of Tourism and Culture of Vera with the President of the Board, Susana Díaz.

Isabel de Haro, Head of Tourism and Culture of Vera with the President of the Board, Susana Díaz.

"Two years ago we presented here, a FITUR, mode Accessible Tourism, primarily on the sporting aspects: Bicycle routes tailored, adapted kayaks ..., all in a tourism center adapted to the municipality of Vera he installed on your beach. The results of this initiative are there, In summary, very positive ". Thus he began his speech yesterday at FITUR Tourism Councilwoman Vera, Isabel de Haro, Paqui Navarro who was accompanied by interpreting the speech in sign language.

"Today we present with great satisfaction Vera Tourist Guide and Video Easy Reading versioned in sign language for persons with disabilities so that they can access and learn about our town, as well as having all the tourist and cultural information ". “Vera, our City ", He added the Councilor for Tourism, "It has a special sensitivity to the disabled. We want no barriers in our town, that all citizens, whatever their physical and psychomotor ability, have the same access in any order of life '. Always with simultaneous interpretation in sign language, as it will be done in all activities Vera presented in this edition of FITUR, Isabel de Haro Vera highlighted as Accessible Tourism Destination.

The Government delegate, Grace Fernandez, He said the implementation of disability into all policies that are organized in the Almeria municipalities have to be thinking of all people regardless of their abilities. "Vera is an example of our municipalities are sensitive to the inclusion of all people and I congratulate the mayor and his corporation by the sample of this sensitivity", He concluded.

For his part, Vice President of the Provincial, Aureliano Javier García, He explained that when speaking of Tourism "we are referring to opportunities of all kinds: employment, leisure… And when we talk of opportunity it is for everyone. Vera is a pioneer in the province of Almeria in treating all people equally ". He concluded by showing his satisfaction "that initiatives like Vera engrandecen happiness factory is Costa de Almería".