Vera will have a nursing home within a year and a half

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Image full City.

In the extraordinary plenary session held today in the Consistory of Vera, It was initially approved unanimously changing asset classification as a public good of a plot of municipal property in order to destine it to use and public service, specifically Residence for the Elderly, understood as a social center offering accommodation, coexistence and comprehensive care for older people in situations of dependency.

In the next item on the agenda, and in relation to nursing homes, the veratense Municipal Corporation unanimously approved himself for the specification to govern for the drafting, equipment, building construction and exploitation of the Residence for the Elderly in Vera. Among the conditions approved figure that "the duration of the execution of works, including the direction thereof, as well as equipment and staffing of the Center shall not exceed sixteen months, counting from the date of the certified report stakeout ".

During the plenary session also it approved the Institutional Declaration of the City of Vera in support of the inclusion of the axis Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina in planning the electricity transmission network 2015-2020 and to transfer the agreement to the Government of Spain, the Junta de Andalucía, the Provincial de Almería, the Confederation of Employers and Chamber of Commerce, unions and the FAMP.

Last, the veratense City Council has joined the New Urban Agenda on the occasion of the International Day of Cities 31 October 2017 with the object, inter alia, to ensure the development of sustainable urban economies and inclusive; to end poverty in all its forms and dimensions; ensure equal rights and opportunities; and ensuring environmental sustainability by promoting the use of clean energy and sustainable use of land and resources in urban development by protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.