Vera begins to implement its employment plans

Attending the presentation.

Attending the presentation.

The City of Vera, through the area of ​​Training and Employment, He has already hired the first six young beneficiaries of the programs Emple @ Young Emple @ 30 +, of 1 January to 30 June 2017 Sweepers for posts (2 @ Young Emple 1 Emple@30 ) and Gardeners (2 @ Young Emple 1 Emple@30 ). Throughout the whole year 2017 recruitment will continue until a total of 55 people

These programs are subsidized by the European Social Funds, in the framework of the Operational Programme 2014-2020 Operating and Youth Employment Program- and managed by the Andalusian Employment Service and the Andalusian. "From there, that the City veratense ", Mayor Felix Lopez expressed his presentation at the recently held, "It will collaborate in whatever is necessary in order to promote the integration of young people in the workplace and improve their situation in the labor market, two of the main priorities of the City Council ".

In the words of the council of Finance and Personnel and Public Services, Alberto Clemente and Francisca García, respectively, Vera City Council, as it has always done, You will make every effort so that they can benefit from this job creation as many people, by hiring unemployed registered in the SAE-and Youth Guarantee, in the case of minor 30 years old- for projects of social and community cooperation.

This time, Vera correspond 455.400 euros destined for the hiring of young Emple Emple @ @ 30 + (265.800,00 for young Emple @ 189.600,00 for 30+), making it possible to hire 55 people (32 of Emple @ Young 23 of 30+).