Vera wide-monumental historical digitalization of its funds

Sonia Ortega, Felix Lopez and Manuel Caparrós

Vera City Council has managed to include in the program 'Vera. Cultural 2018 'the digitization project a significant portion of the funds of the Municipal Archives thanks to the agreement signed some time ago between veratense Consistory and the Mormon community (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The project started in this July and will continue throughout the summer, significantly expand the historical-documentary collections digitized may be disseminated more quickly, besides facilitating the access of researchers to historical documents.

Through this agreement and at the request of the leadership of the Municipal Archives Vera, the Mormon community, Project creator of Family Search, It is committed to digitize 100 years of books Notarial Protocols of Vera (Since the year 1600 a 1700) kept in the Provincial Archives of Almería. This will spread more, if it fits, historical documentation produced in Vera for more comfortable and quick study.

Both the Municipal Archives Vera as the Historical Provincial de Almería had already played an important part of its documentary collections, made available to the users who might want to consult. For Vera, It takes performing since 2004 (Plenum books from 1496, Censuses of inhabitants, inter alia), the result being the virtual file you can check anyone entering your computer for free from the official website of the City of Vera: Today collaborate in this digital reproduction, Manuel Caparrós addition Perales, Archive director Vera, Francisco Ruiz de Haro or Bartolomé Contreras Segura.

Even so, documentary funds had not been digitized and Family Search that interested him play in order to expand their genealogy project. The City of Vera was also interested in having these documents digitized for dissemination, and with good graphics. The result of this mutual interest agreement signed: Family Search undertook to reproduce those documents in TIFF B / N format (uncompressed), mainly Registers of Inhabitants, Censuses and Neighborhoods, Replacement records or Quintas, Catastros, to continue completing their great family project global, while the City of Vera "get for free these images in a digital memory

great capacity for preservation and dissemination ", as he explained veratense Mayor Felix Lopez. "In addition to this", He added the mayor of Vera, "This Community, with great zeal demonstrated in preserving old documents, keep those files along with an infinite number of them elsewhere in a large and secure physical file located in the state of Utah (EE.UU.), safe from harm from the rain, temporary and human. namely: Vera historical data will again safely thanks to this digital copy ".

For his part, Manuel Caparrós, Municipal archivist, made known that "we also encouraged to sign the agreement the immense work that Mormons made so that anyone can find free names of distant relatives or researching your genealogy on the website that many already know. In the portal familysearch, the curious can trace their family names worldwide, so that data to work on Vera's neighbors all time remain in their large database for user satisfaction ". "This consultation could already be on the website of, but by joining our data with FamilySearch we participate more effectively in the great family project referred. Y, of course, people data will be protected documents under 100 years ", Manuel Caparrós concluded.

The initiator of the project and first contacted the Municipal Archives Vera was Jesús Sánchez Chacón, Manager de Family Search International; Alex Cavallini is the project manager. The work is carried out by the partner company NORMADAT. Miguel de la Presilla is the technician in charge of organizing and directing the work and installation of computer equipment. Sonia Ortega Martinez is the documentarian you are scanning documents daily in Room Document Processing Municipal Archive Vera. His work will end in a few months, then moving to Almeria to continue the project in the Provincial Historic Archive.