Vera hosts the First Fair Gastro aglutinará in Andalusia 140 stand artesanía, folklore and gastronomy

Presentation at the Government Office.

Presentation at the Government Office.

The territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Alfredo Valdivia, and Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, presented this morning the First Fair Gastro Andalusia during the days 17, 18 and 19 February is going to develop in that municipality.

As explained Valdivia, this shows "will host a wide variety of food products, crafts and popular culture as a showcase, in which all who visit will experience the diversity of cultures that coexist in the municipality of Vera, and that have allowed to merge dishes characterized by their strength and miscegenation, traditional dances, music and laborious work done by artisans in their daily lives ".

For his part, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, He said that "Gastro Andalusia is born to help enrich the gastronomic map of Andalusia, but beyond tables and tablecloths, because gastronomy studies the relationship of humans with their environment, with the environment , with its identity ".

The frame where the meeting will take place is the enclosure 'El Palmeral', a leisure and recreational area located in an oasis of palm trees originated in a farm return of dates and where also there was a prehistoric settlement in neolithic that has become an Interpretation Centre Archaeological ", It noted Valdivia.

The fair, which has 21.500 meters and has a capacity of approximately 140 stands, It has two main objectives, says the mayor of Vera. On one side, energize the set of operators in the food and artisan sector and other, contribute to the promotion of products and become known among professionals in the distribution of food products, artisans, caterers and all who visit.

At the show visitors can not only learn about the different typical or traditional dishes of the diverse culinary culture of the city of Vera, which highlights traditional gypsy culture dishes cooked in the fire, but also you can sample and buy. At the same time, They may contemplate how open is the craft and make contact with an ancient profession that uses the raw materials such as leather, wool or clay, Felix Lopez explained. There will also be a competition of children kitchen "Gladly"; gastroludoteca; gluten-free food festivals; promotion of Andalusian products, etc..

The dance will also be present at the First Fair Gastro Andalucía. As explained Mayor Vera, "We have many folk groups that continue to teach and delight us with songs and dances of the region as boleros, flamenco or fandanguillo, that they are the heartbeat of the people, the legacy that we should not steal from future generations ".