Twenty almerienses municipalities make up the 'institutional block’ to fight evictions.

Elena Cortés firm 13 municipalities adherence Advocate Program Housing, that the province has avoided 313 evictions in a year.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía, Elena Cortés, has signed with the mayors of 13 Municipalities in Almería agreement for joining the Andalusian Programme in Defence Housing, instrument created by his department that has led to the opening of the provincial offices advisory, intermediation and protection to fight evictions. In this section of the municipalities of Armunya Almanzora, Bacares, Bédar, Singing, Fines, Fiñana, Los Gallardos, Gérgal, Lubrín, Paterna del Río, Pechina, Pulpí and Velez Rubio already 24 municipalities in the province that provide support for the initiative and 264 the whole community, representing more than a third of Andalusian municipalities; addition to the associations of the High Guadalquivir and the Sierra de Cádiz, the Council of Huelva and FAMP.

Elena Cortes thanked this outstanding number of municipalities their "commitment to the Andalusian Programme in Defence Housing, in its first year of operation has been slowing over 3.200 evictions in Andalucia, 313 them in Almeria ". "This growing Andalusian institutional block”, He added the minister, "Shows that in Andalusia there is a political conviction to act otherwise, avoiding institutional resignation and siding with those who are faring worse the crisis”. "All governments must work to solve the serious drama of evictions and from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing are focusing all our efforts to get", he stressed.

"The authorities have an obligation to build an institutional alliance against evictions", indicated, adding that "the government has forced the shutdown of the Law on Social Housing Function, in three months into force has allowed expropriate 39 homes to prevent evictions of families at risk of social exclusion, three of them in the province of Almería ".

Details of the agreement

The agreement signed by the Department and municipalities ensures the development and effective implementation of these municipalities advisory services, intermediation and protection from evictions that includes the Andalusian Programme in Defence Housing. Under the agreement, the consistory, through the Municipal Office of Consumer Information, They provide advice to those citizens who present economic problems to face paying fees of home loan or leasing your primary residence.

They also undertake, through its Social Services, upon request of the local offices of the Ministry, to make the necessary reports to check, urgently and within a maximum period not exceeding 15 days, the social and economic situation of persons seeking protection services in order to determine if they are at risk of social exclusion.

The agreement provides for collaboration between the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and municipalities to provide solutions to those families who have been evicted and who meet the requirements to be awarded the publicly owned housing stock. The councils shall provide the local offices of the Ministry of information concerning municipal records VPO applicants in order to offer the best service to people who are struggling to afford to pay the monthly mortgage payment.

These agreements provide for the establishment of a Monitoring Committee pair to answer the questions that may arise in connection with the development of the agreement and to track the same. The agreement will be valid for four years renewable.