Board declares 17 water supply actions of regional interest

The Andalusian Government has today given the green light to the declaration of regional interest of up to 17 new hydraulic infrastructures to mitigate the effects of drought in various areas with supply problems.

At a press conference after the Governing Council meeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Cattle raising, Fisheries and Environment, Carmen Crespo, has reported that these works involve a multi-year investment of about 430 million, that can be financed from the water canon after the amendment included in the Budget Law of 2019.

These high supply actions, which will solve supply problems for 3,6 million people 215 Andalusian towns, will start immediately, so the writing of all the projects, valued at 15 million, will take place between 2020 and 2021, explained.

The execution of the works, which will take place between next year and 2027, will generate around 6.450 jobs.

The counselor recalled that the breaches of the previous socialist governments in water purification and has indicated that under the water canon had been collected 720 millions of which the previous executive had only executed 219 million.

He recalled that the Ministry has promoted in the last month actions in hydraulic infrastructures that exceed 1.000 million, amount that includes this action of high supply and the Economic Reactivation Plan that is being launched with the tender of 357 performances in 2020 for more than 575 million.

The 17 new actions will be carried out in the eight provinces and, Thus, in Almería, the tasks for supplying high water in the Almanzora Valley will be carried out and to guarantee the high water supply of desalinated water in the western Almería and the capital..