A telephone recording turned upside down the choice of president in the Consortium Almanzora

Indalecio Modesto.

Indalecio Modesto.

TELEPRENSA.- A recording a counselor voting in the Waste Consortium Almanzora-Levante-Los Vélez in one day before the vote tells his interlocutor "I say look, if it comes to my house a trash bag not know what I'll do tomorrow ", – in an apparent reference to known cases of political corruption, He has put on a war footing the mayors of the province affected, while the conversation circulating virally social networks and local radio Levante media echo the same.

The voice that pronounces the controversial phrase is attributed to Councillor Citizens in Cuevas del Almanzora, Indalecio Modesto, he was the one who changed their vote at the last minute giving the presidency of the consortium corresponded to the PSOE PP when stocks represented by, and he had to resort to the High Court of Andalusia to order the repetition of the process of electing president.

Indalecio Modesto, -who rules in the Consistory of Cuevas del Almanzora with PSOE-, He has assured teleprensa.com that "I do not think it's my voice", but from the press office of Citizens in Almería, savvy recording, confirmed this digital newspaper already working in the crisis generated by the fractious council and throughout the day there would be a statement. Whatsoever it is expected a strong response to the situation created by Modesto, since a motion of PP enabled the City Council representative in the Consortium Cuevano outside Councilman Citizen, the same as last Friday's vote abstained first to facilitate the victory of PP, and soon he was appointed vice president of the entity. For actions of this nature has already been adamant Citizens in other Andalusian provinces.

Indalecio council vote Modesto has caused municipalities PSOE, They are representing the bulk of population Almanzora, Levante and Los Vélez make the decision to leave the same, "Socialist mayors no longer trust the companions with whom we founded the consortium", which will leave the company at no sense to not have the people ruled by the PP the necessary volume for it.