Economic Transformation trains 31 Almeria municipalities in the design of smart city and territory projects

The Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities has provided training and practical training to 31 Almeria municipalities with less than 20.000 inhabitants to plan their smart transformation processes, through the ´Bootcamps AndalucíaSmart2020´ program, which started in 2019 and has had five calls.

Throughout Andalusia, have participated in this program more than 600 people 332 local entities of all the provinces of Andalusia, which represent more than 47% of all municipalities under 20.000 population.

The municipalities of Almería that have received these trainings are Abrucena, Alboloduy, Alhama de Almería, Almócita, Antas, Bayarque, Bentarique, Berja, Canjáyar, Cuevas del Almanzora, Chirivel, Gérgal, Huércal de Almería, Huercal-Overa, The Mojonera, Lúcar, Olula River, Paterna del Río, Pulpí, Purchena, Rioja, Pannier, Sorbas, Suflí, Taberno, Tíjola, Tower, Velez-Rubio, Vera, Viator y Zurgena.

Bootcamps are one of the twelve initiatives included in the'AndalusiaSmart 2020 Action Plan' of the Andalusian, which aims to train public officials, managers and technicians of the Andalusian local entities in the elaboration of strategic plans of smart city.

As highlighted by the territorial delegate for Employment, Training, Autonomous work, Economy, Knowledge, Companies and Universities, Emilio Ortiz López, The Bootcamps program has facilitated the participating municipalities “the diagnosis and design of their plans to become smart territories, a necessary step to improve your own management, provide higher quality and more efficient services to its neighbors and visitors and generate economic and employment opportunities ". Also, explained that a good part of these municipalities have requested incentives from the 'Smart Cities and Territories Aid Order' of the Ministry, specifically aimed at financing initiatives in all areas of smart city models among municipalities under the 20.000 people.  

The trainings have been eminently practical, following a transversal training plan based on the general methodology of theAndaluciaSmart White Paper, a guide that facilitates Andalusian local entities the diagnosis of the smart development point in which the city or municipality is located and the preparation of a strategic plan to follow in accordance with the vision or model of the smart city that is to be developed, and the Local Strategy of Smart Cities of Andalusia, prepared within the framework of action of the Network of Agents for Intelligent Development of Andalusia, and that has been the guide for many of the sessions.

All the calls have had specialists, both in strategic planning, as around the main areas of competence in terms of smart development, so that, participants have been able to address the definition of their own smart strategy and its corresponding roadmap. The training itinerary has been completed with the development of the competencies required to respond to the specific needs of each entity in specific areas of intelligent development such as cybersecurity or legislation.

The initiative has been successful in terms of penetrating the project in the network of local Andalusian entities, even among municipalities of less than 5.000 people, that have represented the 60% participants. Regarding the profile of the attendees, a 35% they have been women, and almost half of the total participants charges from the municipalities, between politicians and public managers.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry had to adapt the format of the Bootcamps, that started from a mixed training -presential and online-, to a completely digital model that will enable participants to continue training despite the limitations imposed by the authorities.