Subdelegación inspects mayors of the towns of the Almanzora the most affected areas by floods

Government Sub, Manuel de la Fuente, It has toured today the municipalities in the Almanzora region most affected by the floods and seen in situ, accompanied by the mayors, the enormous destruction caused by torrential rains.

It is the third visit by De la Fuente to the areas most affected by the passage of DANA, after which already he held on Friday, Nijar first and then Huércal-Overa and Pulpí. In the latter two towns accompanied the Acting Minister of Culture and MP for Almería, Jose Guirao, who he was interested immediately for damage caused by the cold drop in the province.

Checking damage has started early in the morning in Cantoria, where they fell near 110 liters / m2 of water in two hours. In the Rambla de La Hojilla, that a Singing with the hamlet of La Hoya, the water reached about 2 meters high and caused the road and break the chains of concrete bridge. Equally, It remains cut step towards the hamlet of El Faz, where they live about 200 neighbors. Waterspout has also damaged the bridge crossing over the river Almanzora, between the villages of Cantoria and Almanzora. Here, water exceeded 4 meters high on the river and climbed above 2 meters on the road. City Hall, Purification chaired by Sánchez, Nijar participated yesterday at the meeting with the Prime Minister in office, Pedro Sánchez, You are still making an estimate of the damage.

En Arboleas, the most significant destruction caused by the flood was ruptured pipes drinking water to the slums of El Rincón, Tape and Tahullas, where they reside around 600 neighbors, problem, Today, It has already been solved, as he highlighted by the Mayor, Cristóbal García. The rain has also caused numerous landslides in municipal access roads to settlements.

Another of the sites visited today by the deputy has been Purchena. In this locality, one of the main affected has been the company Proelec, Electrical assemblies, whose office and other facilities have been completely flooded by the mud, with losses which those responsible have not yet been able to assess. Here, Water, from the promenade Cradle, He reached over 2 meters. In the town, Almería Rambla has also been affected over one kilometer. DANA -cayeron 157 liters between Thursday and Friday- provoked, similarly, floods in post offices and several local, as they highlighted by their municipal officials in the meeting with Manuel de la Fuente.

Pannier, the last of the towns of the Almanzora visited this morning by the deputy Minister, is, possibly, which he has suffered major damage in its public spaces. Here, the cold drop left on the town 180 liters / m2 in just 4 hours. The first estimate of damage by the council, chaired by Juan Antonio Lorenzo, totals 2,9 million. In quantifying the damage they are included in the irrigation communities, amounting to some 600.000 euros, but not those caused by water on provincial highways and regional.

Here have been affected 60 kilometers of rural roads and is also damaged more than half of the network of public water supply (by drags, degollamiento pipe in steps of rivers and ravines, atranques the simple disappearance of the red). Equally, there have been enormous damage to the sewage system, Greenway in the municipality practically destroyed along 14 kilometres-, or in public buildings such as the sports hall or the municipal gym, which they were completely flooded by rain.

In his meeting with municipal officials, the deputy Minister has reminded the mayors to be applied, Immediately, aid established by Royal Decree 307/2005.

These grants are aimed at family or economic coexistence units who have suffered personal injury; family or economic coexistence units which have suffered damage to their residence or their household necessities; local corporations, to meet emergency expenses made; communities of owners, for damage to common elements, owners of commercial establishments, industrial or service, and natural or legal persons who have carried out personal services or goods at the request of the competent activity.

Aid may be requested by those affected until next 14 October in the Prefectures. It will be up after the Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergencies (DGPCE), Interior Ministry, the resolution of the same.

On the website of the Interior Ministry and the Directorate General of Civil Protection more additional information is available, and standard models help request.