Requesting urgent explanation from the mayor of Olula on the information published recently



The Socialist Party of Olula del Río asks the mayor of the town, Antonio Martínez Pascual, to clarify as soon as possible and urgently reports in various media in recent days targeting alleged intrigues of public works contracts.

The lack of explanations to the residents of Olula del Río and the lack of clarity in the arguments of the mayor of the Popular Party to the questions of the opposition in the last Municipal Plenary sessions, could be agreeing with the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, after initiating three criminal proceedings to investigate alleged irregularities in the Political Management of the Olula del Río City Council.

From the Socialist Group of Olula we want to make it clear that our work as Councilors of this City Council has been exercised in a responsible way and in no case in an accusatory way. Since the 13 June 2015, the day we take office we are clear that our place is and will always be next to the neighbors and working for the betterment of the town. From the position that the ballot box gave us, we will ensure the proper functioning of our City Council. We care about our people, our neighborhoods, day-to-day problems and therefore we need to have an agile City Council, near, transparent and well managed, away from entanglements and information that could stain the name of Olula del Río.

But the documentation that our Political Group has placed in the hands of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, presumably indicates the opposite. Sign an Award Contract to a company after doing the work, renting a public property with the inappropriate legal form and awarding a work contract by our City Council to a company through a process that leaves many questions along the way and that above all was not the most economically advantageous option for the people, are considered by our Political Group as serious enough facts for them to be analyzed by the Competent Body for it, which is none other than Justice.

From the PSOE of Olula del Río we will never initiate or support any witch hunt, no lynching, as they point out to us from the Municipal Government to try to divert attention from the real problem. It is about objectively analyzing the files referring to different actions of our City Council, in case they did not comply with the law and what is worse, one way or another, could harm our municipality.

Thus, We want to insist that the work on judicial material that is articulated from now on is not carried out by our group, since we are neither prosecutors nor judges. The PSOE of Olula del Río will never take a parallel trial and will act with the utmost prudence and discretion, supported by the unity of our team and eager to work for Olula del Río and its good performance as we have been doing to date.