Seven municipalities join the VioGen system for the protection of women victims of male violence

The municipalities of Arboleas, Singing, Gádor, Los Gallardos, Taverns, Tíjola and Zurgena, Almeria, They have been incorporated into the Comprehensive Tracking System cases Gender Violence (VioGen), bringing to 25 adhering localities in the province.

The ceremony of signing of these agreements was attended by the new head of the Coordination Unit against violence against women in Andalusia, Maribel Montaño, who was accompanied by the Commander Colonel of the Civil Guard in the province, Arturo Prieto and the Government Sub, Manuel de la Fuente.

The VioGen system draws on information obtained from risk assessment forms that are the basis for preventive measures and monitoring and protection to victims of male violence tailored to each case, so that “It is a valuable tool in assessing the situation and needs of women victims of abuse”, noted.

The head of the Coordination Unit of the units against violence against women has stated that “in the fight against this scourge can not go back” and that “compliance with the Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence and Development of State Pact signed political parties are basic pillars of the policy of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which advocates the elimination of violence in a society of peaceful coexistence”.

According to the Unit against violence on women of the Prefectures of Almería, at the end 2018 there was 1.940 active cases in the Comprehensive Tracking System cases Gender Violence in Almería, which is a 16,5 percent more than at the end of 2017, when they were recorded 1.664. Regarding active cases in which the victim is a minor, It has gone from 31 a 26.

The 44.6 percent of active files VioGen are women whose age is between 31 and 45 years old. The increase in complaints in Almería assumed, in the first nine months 2018, It was reached virtually the same number of complaints over the entire previous year.

In 2017, They were lodged 3.299 and, from January to September 2018, 3.226. Last year there were, also, increased protection orders granted: 999 Until September, against the 988 of 2017. Equally, it should be noted that awarded the 94,6 percent of protective orders that were requested.

In Almería, at the end 2018, there was 140 women who use the geolocation service, a 7,6 percent increase over the previous year and 92 women protected with proximity detection devices (bracelets), a 24,3% more than last year (74 en total).

Only two provinces, Madrid (with 228 implanted devices) and Valencia (97), have more detection devices proximity Almeria.

Since 2003, 34 women have been murdered by their partners or former partners in Almería. To this fact, we must add that two children have been killed since 2013 as a means to exercise violence against their mothers. It was that year when the children of women victims of violence as victims of male violence also were included. Since then, five children orphaned in Almería.

Source: EuropaPress