Seron proclaims pride with rural districts of Almanzora, Altiplano, Base, Chirivel and Los Vélez

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Convened by the Association AlVelAl, Sap Foundation and the City Council of this town, They have expressed pride in the values ​​and humanity that represents live and work in these environments.
Hundreds of people have shared and manifested in Seron proud to live in the villages where they live and work.
At the meeting the president of AlVelAl, Cristóbal Aránega, He stressed the importance of the conference, stressing that in rural areas the companies are much more humanized than in other areas; also formed by people with important values ​​"we live in a different society where middle classes formed with people who are looking for quality of life", highlighted Aránega. The manager added Alvelal his speaking time is important to move forward and stay, market the products well and know how to transmit the values ​​humanos.Para Mayor Seron , Juan Antonio Lorenzo, This first meeting of the rural world represents the voice of the field is united "we share the same goals ; This is a day to share the pride we recognize that we live in the best places in the world ", said the mayor.

Francisco Casero, Savia president of the Foundation spoke of the importance of the claims transferred to Madrid last 31 March with concentration in favor of rural areas. "Energy comes from the rural world, The water comes from the rural world, power comes from the rural world ", clarifying stressed that the rest of the population must be deeply grateful to the rural. "Binding is initiated here as the first experience of Andalusia necessary to become an unstoppable stream; the voice has awakened and is more that unites us than divides us ", He ended.

Coordinator and organizer of the conference, Reche Juana Rubio explained that, there is a mobilization regarding the rural world; "we, the village of Seron, and the Almanzora, Altiplano, Base, Chirivel, Velez. We have joined this movement preparing a conference mentalizing, reflection and celebration. This is not an exercise in nostalgia for times past but a clarion call for farmers, businessmen and authorities ", he stressed

The appointment began after 10 Morning conference with José Esquinas Alcázar, Agronomist of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Master in Horticulture and a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California. This presentation was followed by a table together numerous entrepreneurs from different localities and regions of Andalusia (Raúl Pérez, Honey Filabres Seron; Corral remedies Yélamos, Sausages Los Remedios Seron; Cristóbal Aránega, Biocrisara de Chirivel; Rafael Alonso, Tabernas Desert Gold; Maruja Herdia, Conchillo Castle of Velez Rubio; Ramón Medina, Tourism Rural Laroya; Eva Ramirez Hidalgo, Ecovega of Almócita; Angel Hernandez Carrasco, Cuevas Atalaya Huéscar). moderated by the Secretary General of the Foundation Savia, Anguilera Antonio Nieves. This sharing, participants presented their projects developed in rural areas, counting the problems that have faced, achievements and realities of different sectors representing. Aguilera thanked the testimonies of all the components of the table, underlining and immense love for their land of all of them, In the "attitude and way forward", he added. On the table there was talk of unfair competition, bad practices, the need to be complementary to each other business, or the fundamental role of cooperatives in these territories before a globalized world, with examples of excellent behavior of these entities in different regions and areas.

In afternoon session was held table moderated by Juana Rural Women Reche Rubio with assistance from Paquita Cortes Garcia, teacher Serón; Caridad López Martínez, Women Association of Seron; Pepa Franco Franco, Posada del Candil Seron; Loly Masegosa Arredondo, Enharmony of Cullar; Rosa Martinez Reche, farmer Cúllar; Mª Carmen García Moreno, Baza veterinary; Teresa Gómez Pastrana psychologist Baza; Mercedes Murillo Pravia, Alhama de Almería engineer; Rosario Canton Naranjo, Salar officer and Marisol Sanchez Carrión, The rural woman Laneros.

The appointment of public officials was developed with the institutional roundtable moderated by the mayor of Seron and the presence of the mayors of Tíjola, Mario Padilla; Cúllar, Alonso López Segura; of Almócita, Paco Garcia and the mayors of Laroya, Dolores Moreno nephew; Cuevas del Campo, Rocío Martínez Ródenas and Villanueva de Tapia, Encarnación Páez Alba.

The findings closed the first day which also could enjoy traditional meals and typical nearby towns, traditional music, concert 'Canalla compass' and performances of 'La Dama de Baza'.