Seron starts a Fluvial Park at the confluence of the rivers Almanzora and Bolonor

Image of the works.

Image of the works.

The municipality of Serón has begun work for the construction of a river park in the village. This is a project being carried out by the Bolonor river in a public space adjacent to the sports facilities.

Nowadays, Stable Employment Plan workers Emple@30 of the Junta de Andalucía are carrying out the recesses and cleaning of the land that will become a circular walk, with groves on the sides, play areas and bicycles, picnic area and camping area for motorhomes. It is a space of two hectares of surface, located at the confluence of the Almanzora and Bolonor rivers.

The consistory project is based on enabling a leisure space and walk in the middle of nature, which will also bring the pedestrian closer to the Iron Greenway without having to pass the dangerous section of the entrance bridge to the municipality, Since the Fluvial Park will enable the connection between the current sidewalks of the urban section of Lepanto Avenue with the Zoilos and the Greenway.

The space will allow a comfortable walk looking at the river, where hundreds of trees and shrubs are going to be planted that will form a tree complex that will beautify the area. Also, Natural defenses are being built on the banks of rivers with native river vegetation and topsoil. The River Park will be completed with urban furniture and different spaces over time. In this first phase, which will be finished by this summer, neighbors can already use it for their daily walks or as a playground and playground.

The budget for this project comes from the Employment plans of the Andalusian Government and contributions from the consistory corresponding to small municipal works.

According to the person in charge of Urbanism and mayor of the town, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, the space will complete the leisure and sports facilities that the municipality currently has; where in addition the project of Ama Friendly City ’of the Junta de Andalucía will be carried out, whose project is currently being drafted.

Remember that the town of Serón was one of the 5 selected in our province for the Friendly City project of the Andalusian; initiative that seeks to model urban intervention that generates new points of citizen encounter, remaining space in the car and gives greater prominence to pedestrian and bicycle. This project is aimed at relaxing traffic on the journey through this town.