Seron starts European youth project 'Rural Development and Entrepreneurship’

Young people enjoy an activity.

Young people enjoy an activity.

Young Bulgaria, Italy, Ukraine and Seron live in the town analyzing, sharing and discussing future employment in rural areas

The municipality of Serón began yesterday in this locality, Youth Exchange project on 'Rural development and entrepreneurship for young people', to be held in the city until next 24 September cofinanced by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The presentation was attended by the Mayor program of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo and the coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth, Ramon Soto; accompanied by councilors of the consistory and the project director, María del Mar Brown.

"This project arises from the current European economic crisis, in which, one of the groups most affected are young people. This is intensified for those living in rural areas, where employment opportunities are reduced, so that, by carrying out this project it is intended that young people know all the opportunities and facilities offered in rural areas for them ", Brown explained, who also stressed the importance of the initiative "which directly affects the economy of the municipality because all scheduled activities are performed in the village, Both meals, group outings or overnight stays ".

"Through the planned activities it is to raise awareness about participation in exchange groups at European level, to inform young people in local and European community on existing employment opportunities in rural areas and methods to implement it, a better understanding and improvement of skills and competencies for self-knowledge and improve opportunities for young people from the labor market and help and assist in rural development in our town ', said director.

By having this initiative internationally, the exchange of ideas of participants pursued through knowledge of different cultures and different ways of working in each country.

The project is focused on two-way action; the first, to unemployed youth living in rural areas and different ways to solve this problem according to their abilities and skills, and the second, for young people who have very clear that want to start their own business and start in rural areas.

"We believe this project can be a great impact for young Europeans, because participants will raise awareness of the four countries of the importance of rural development overall and more specifically, at work level. It can be a useful activity on a personal and psychological level for young people, they will be prepared for the working world through methods of non-formal education '.

The project activities are divided by subject; This will devote one day to the presentation of the town, its shops and associations, as well as visits to various businesses and services offered Seron. Then the day will be devoted to women entrepreneurs and awareness on gender equality. On the other hand, another will be held dedicated to the Erasmus program plus, exposing their opportunities, advantages and importance of European certificates during a stay abroad.

En total, participants will be part of this initiative will be of the following nationalities: Bulgaria through Partnership Walk together 5 participants; Italy, through Rainbow group, (youth group active in youth work) 5 participants; Ukraine, ONG Go On! 5 participants and Spain, 10 participants Township Serón.

With the launch of this project seeks to meet different objectives, to promote active citizenship of young people in general and European citizenship in particular European or sensitize local youth community and with respect to existing employment opportunities in rural areas today.

For his part, Mayor of Serón, He urged young people to take the opportunity to exchange with young people from other countries , supporting a project "that helps keep people in the territory".

Source: NOW