Seron starts Tourism Marketing Plan with the support of a technical advisory

Project presentation.

Project presentation.
Project presentation.

The municipality of Serón is carrying out a Marketing Plan for Tourism under the supervision of a technical advisory. The presentation of the project took place last Friday in the plenary hall of the town, with the presence of many companies related to the tourism sector of this municipality, as accommodation, restaurants, bars, service companies and food companies.

The initiative is part of the actions of the Strategic Plan for Tourism that the municipality develops from the previous term; specifically the fourth axis "Creating the tourism product’ and the fifth axis 'promotion and marketing'.
Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Cuadrado, He explains that these axes already been working since 2013, "But with this plan we will give a step; So far we have been promoting tourism resources we have, and with this new project we will convert these tourism resources into tourism products and we will move on to the next level which is market. To market to sell, It is necessary to offer a tourist product or tourist service ", indicates Square.

Responsible for technical advice, They explained during the presentation of the project, the tourism market and travel behavior has changed; "Therefore trends in tourism marketing, and this makes changing the creation of tourism products, having to do comprehensively, dynamic and flexible to respond to an experience demanded by the customer ", indicate the technical.
"The making available to tourists tourism products associated with experiences is a challenge, but the design a distinctive tourism, It is what will bring added value to why choose Seron and no other tourist destination ", They detailed in the meeting.
On the other hand, technicians explained that marketing itself needs to plan ahead, where you have to design products or packages, and meet sales channels to direct, "Identify market potential interest and implement marketing actions and specific sale", They indicated on this first date.
"The counseling technique Marketing Plan will allow specific actions and a common approach for key sectors", Square ends.

The Strategic Plan Seron Tourism is an initiative formed by dozens of people, belonging to the tourism and hospitality sectors, town planning, banks, health, sector educativo, cultural associations and neighbors, food sector, business association, women, higher, sports clubs, communities of owners, unions, Guardia Civil, irrigation communities, Alps, expert committees and councilors. The project aims to plan, organize and consolidate a new economic sector in the municipality based on the provision of services to visitors, to seek business and employment opportunities for residents of Seron through attracting tourists to consume those services.