Vera starts in the IV Cultural Week Moors and Christians

Diptych about the conference.

Diptych about the conference.

With the opening of the exhibition "Vera, the epic of a century 1488, 1518, 1569. The exhibition", and the conference "The Moors of Huesca: the world could be Bayra ", Ánchel by Conte Cazcarro, Spanish writer in Aragonese language, Doctor of History and professor of secondary education, It was inaugurated the IV Cultural Week Moors and Christians Vera 2018.

The mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, opened the ceremony with Ánchel Conte welcome and congratulations to the Association of Moors and Christians Vera reached by the rise as one of the activities in the celebrations of the Patron Saint, Our Lady of Sorrows. "The work of the Association", Felix Lopez noted, "In the recovery of our identity and the work of these years to transfer to citizens, It is worthy to highlight especially this year when we celebrate the V Centenary of the ancient city of Vera ".

Following the presentation of the lecturer in charge of Pedro López, Secretary of the Moors and Christians Cultural Association Vera, Ánchel historian Conte made a brief history since the end of the century XI, Waska Muslim city is conquered by Aragon and becomes its capital. Unable to repopulate all lands conquered, Pedro I, in the capitulations with the populations conquered, It allows Muslims to remain in them retaining their religion and laws, and remain so until the time of the forced baptism by Carlos I in the sixteenth century. In the case of Huesca, the Muslim community is under the power of the king, that defends the attacks of the Church and the Council and that they had a particularly good source of income from commercial activities and craft of mudéjares. Living with fellow Christians was usually peaceful, except during religious exacerbation caused by bishop, the Dominicans and Vicente Ferrer, whereas it was much more conflict with the Jews. More than four years of life in common with the Christian majority not turned them from their faith, but if carried out a slow process of acculturation that made the Arab was only liturgical language and in its external appearance does not differentiate Christians; We are facing a non-Christian Aragoneses, but national consciousness. After the forced baptism and even expulsion 1610, They occupied the same space and worked in the same workshops, but they lost its administrative independence and were forced to be, or at least appear, be Christians.
At the end of his lecture, Ánchel Conte received from the Councilor for Culture, Isabel de Haro, and President of Moors and Christians, José Manuel Ramírez, a memory of Muslim Vera, along with a plaque recognizing his historical work.

"On the Camino Enmedio. City Place Antas Vera and vice versa "Luis Cano Rodriguez will dictate the next day 6, Also in the Convento de la Victoria, will close the cycle of conferences IV Moros y Cristianos Cultural Week, Vera 2018.