Competition goes to the management and operation of the Center for Water and Health.

The Official Gazette of the Province has issued the call for the award of the management, operation and maintenance of the Center for Water and Health, Fitness and ancillary spaces. The City of Albox and opens the deadline for submission of bids by companies to assume the management of the sports facilities including indoor pool, gym and pool under construction. Stakeholders have just eight days to present their project and choose to manage these public facilities. As the specification, the employer to manage the risk ventura service with a fee to the City of 1.500 Monthly euros (18.000 annual euros). Granting full inluye providing this service in terms of management, operation and maintenance of the sports facility, all costs including the cost of water, light, Phone Internet. There will be a guarantee of 5% the estimated total cost of the proposed fee for all ten years initial grant.

These are the conditions imposed by the council for the company albojenses finally responsible for the operation of this service that takes months waiting for its launch. So much so, the government team announced earlier this year that last April the indoor pool would be open directly, pending future award to a private company.

After years of waiting and conflicts with the contractor for these works and their exploitation, neighbors are still waiting for a solution to these sports facilities that will replace the outdoor pool that was buried seven years. They hope that this summer can bathe themselves in one of the two pools, pool deck or whose works started several weeks ago and it is expected that this July to enter service. “We want the indoor pool open these days, even children can attend the last day of class and is free, having the opportunity to meet. As for the pool, it is ready for the bathroom too for early July” were the words of the sports council, Francisco Carrillo just days ago.