Rogelio Mena shown “proud” represent FITUR in Albox.

Opposition accuses the PP of their lack of confidence in job creation by promoting tourism in the town.

The Socialist mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, has accused the PP of the municipality "as demonstrating that supports Albox" after criticizing its institutional presence at the International Tourism Fair in Spain (Fitur) to promote this economic activity.
Mena regretted that the PP of Albox "acting against the interests of the province" and not want to remember, also, their status as provincial deputy to question his presence in the presentation of promotional video starring the destination Almeria singer David Bisbal and prepared by the Tourism Council of Almería.
"I think this time, of particular economic and social difficulties, should be to build province; a time in which, primarily, prime the public interest and not the empty polemics ", Mena has ruled. And that, he lamented, "Even though the video promoted by the Provincial, precisely governed by the PP, was not included beauty Outgoing Sanctuary, or quarries Macael, nor any significant element of the Almanzora what, clearly, would have been a significant international support for the marble industry and tourism in our area ".
However, Added the mayor albojense, "I believe that support the work of Bisbal is siding with the provincial development" and that "we have to banish policies are contrary to the defense of our interests as a country as evidence that the PP of Albox".
In this regard, It has also held that it is clear that "the political pettiness and stupidity" which is the pronouncement of PP albojense, "The only thing we can do is be harmed as a municipality rather than move toward a brighter future and new opportunities for the people".
Conclusion, Mena has called it "an honor" to represent your city and show explicit support for provincial tourism such an act of international impact, before considering that "I'm sure that will value positively albojenses unlike political myopia that is showing the PP".
A mode of action with which, a su juicio, do a disservice to the town and, has completed, "You do not want to think that no one is behind the provincial PP, in the line of harassment that are exercising Albox, because if so they would have looked again ".