Rogelio Mena unanimously elected candidate for mayor of Albox.

The Local Executive Committee of the PSOE has proposed unanimously Rogelio Mena to win back Albox.

"Together to resolving the historical problem of water for our people, the mayor and now recount supported by my executive to head the Socialist candidate in the upcoming municipal elections is the best thing that ever happened to me in politics. It is again a great honor for me to represent Albox and its neighbors ", manifests Rogelio Mena.

"I think the neighbors appreciate my commitment to the citizens, accountability, political and labor capacity, the stubborn defense of the interests of Albox and the fact dignify politics ", Rogelio Mena added.

Performances like water, safety, conflict resolution pool, the defense of the people against the landfill and improving the quality of life for residents, are some of the actions that support the management of Rogelio Mena as mayor.