Repsol build a network of piped gas in Seron.

Repsol will invest 210.000 euros in the construction of this underground network 2.100 meters long, that will carry the gas to homes, local and historic buildings of the town. The gas infrastructure will agreed that 2.300 inhabitants of Seron are available direct access to this energy supply.

The Regional Director of GLP Repsol in Andalusia, Gregorio Muñoz Almagro, and the mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, have signed an agreement whereby the construction of a network of piped gas supply is set in the Andalusian village of Seron.

With a total investment of 210.000 euros, new gas supply network Seron is intended for 240 estate, library including, the public school, the nursing and sports facilities.

Seron Mayor wanted to point out that this new equipment will help improve the quality of life of citizens and business competitiveness "in a service that does not involve any cost to city coffers", adds.

The Repsol gas network will 2.100 meters of underground pipes and allow access to a source of comfortable and clean energy, and meet all the needs of hot water, heating and air conditioning in homes and businesses.
Nowadays, next to 40.000 Repsol in Andalusia customers benefit from this piped propane system. The investment made by the energy company in its plan to build local networks of gas supply in the Autonomous Community amounts to 600.000 euros.

Among the Andalusian municipalities with this local infrastructure Repsol gas contained Loja, Sierra Nevada and Algarinejo. In process of channeling the town of Aracena is and, henceforth, the 2.300 Seron citizens who will have direct access to this energy supply.