Rehabilitation of the House of Laborers Camineros Zurgena

Rehabilitation work.

Rehabilitation work.

Zurgena City Council has begun this week to the rehabilitation of the historic House of Laborers Camineros. The work will be developed for an estimated four months time and allow the valorization of this building through employment plans 'emple @ young' and 'employment30 +' financed by the Government of Andalusia and the European Social Fund.

the historical value of the houses should be recalled Pawns Camineros, with a key role over the past two centuries as a place of work roadmender, an extinct labor figure in charge, among other functions, to care for the condition of the road for several kilometers next to these properties, which they began to be built in 1982 under the reign of Elizabeth II.

in Zurgena, The box also called Pawns Camineros has an undeniable symbolic value. Located at the entrance of the town, greets visitors and neighbors with mileage characteristic sign indicating the most important urban centers decades ago closest. The initiative of the City of Zurgena allow the valorization of this building located in the vicinity of another architectural jewel of the Almanzora, as is the restored station Renfe Zurgena, situated in a suburb of La Alfoquía.

Councillor Works and Services, Noelia Garcia, explained that "since the government team of Zurgena was clear that the recovery of this property, heritage of all zurgeneros, It was an action that could not wait. We have avoided that its deterioration was irreversible and we are already working on its value with a dual purpose. the tourist, thanks to the recovery of historic buildings like this or rehabilitated Renfe station and another purpose, social, as it may be used for workshops, meetings, exhibitions or any other activity.

The House of Laborers Camineros maintain its historic identifying features like tiles, the wooden structure of the roof or even indications of the remaining kilometers to other major towns so characteristic of this type of buildings. So, the box will join other attractions Zurgena as the railway station, the 'Fragile' sculpture by Mexican author Jorge Elizondo or churches of Our Lady of Calvary and San Ramon Nonato.