Irrigation demand the Government 3 million euros to lower the price 30 Hm 3 of desalinated water


The Federation of Irrigators of Almería (FERAL) He has asked the deputy Minister today in the province, Andrés García Lorca, to make the necessary arrangements for a grant is urgently adopt 3 million euros to lower in 10 cents price 30 Hm 3 of desalinated water. The total bid amount would be divided into three lots 10 Hm3 each to be consumed by the irrigators del Almanzora, the Carboneras desalination plant (Nijar and Levante) and desalination of Balerma (Almeria Poniente). With this request, FERAL believes that short-term care for the most urgent needs for water and crop failure is avoided, besides receiving Almeria irrigators "fair and proportionate treatment to the actual situation of water shortage", according to the president of FERAL.

The Federation of Irrigators of Almería has also moved to deputy of the Government strong protest today after learning that the government of Rajoy studies Valencian irrigators extend the same reduction in the price of desalinated water that has been recently granted in the Segura basin Murcia to offset lower contributions from the Tajo-Segura. According to FERAL, Spain's government systematically ignores irrigators Almería, while millions in subsidies that offers a reduction in production costs of agriculture and Murcia, in short, Valencia also.

FERAL deputy reminded the Government that agriculture in Murcia will receive the Executive of Rajoy about 28 million in direct grants, of which 8 million are to lower the price 50 Hm 3 of desalinated water in Torrevieja and Mazarrón, while 20 million will be borne a complete plan of work to improve water infrastructure in the region of Murcia. “Son 28 million for Murcia irrigators with the excuse of drought decree, and what the Rajoy government must understand once and for all is that Almería has no drought decree because we have rivers, but a permanent drought ", according to the president of FERAL, who has qualified for the 28 million in approved aid for irrigators Murcia Almeria included in the Tajo-Segura only receive 120.000 euros.

In the same way, FERAL has exposed the deputy of the Government that the imminent reduction of desalinated water to Valencia responds to complaints that irrigators after feeling marginalized community to ensure that the Alicante irrigators themselves are subsidized under drought decree of the Segura basin. "The government is sensitive to the rest of Valencian farmers, but to Almeria or hear us, nor serve us, and also they lie saying we paid the cheapest water ", He added Jose Antonio Fernandez.

Also, FERAL has delivered a document containing all the necessary actions to solve the water shortage in the province of Almería. Among the proposals, It highlights the urgent need to ensure Almería connection with the dam Rules in Granada and the completion of Highway Water to allow the transfer of water between the West and the East of the province, depending on the needs of each moment and in both directions.