Redexis starts supplying piped gas in Serón

Redexis, comprehensive energy infrastructure company dedicated to the development and operation of natural gas transportation and distribution networks, to the distribution and commercialization of liquefied petroleum gas and to the promotion of renewable applications of natural gas and hydrogen, has recently started the supply of piped gas in the municipality of Serón in Almería, with the aim of facilitating access to this source of energy to homes, companies and industries of the municipality and contribute to their growth and competitive development.

In the first phase of the project, the company has already deployed more than a kilometer of distribution networks to facilitate this source of clean energy, safe and efficient to homes, industries and businesses of the urban and industrial fabric of the area. Now, Important buildings in the urban center already have gas supply, such as the residence for the elderly or the Miguel Zubeldia school. In a second phase, the company will finalize the network execution project with 1,6 additional kilometers to reach the entire municipality. In her, It is planned to start up the supply of the new nursing home and the ham drying rooms, one of the reference industries of the municipality, associated with the denomination of origin of white ham: I.G.P Serón.

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo Cazorla, together with the Councilor for Works, Services and Urbanism, Jorge Fernández Camenforte and the regional director of Redexis in Eastern Andalusia, José Enrique Carretero, They visited the facilities of the LPG plant that will supply the municipality of Almería.

The canalization works have already been carried out in Velázquez streets, Gadil, Don Juan of Austria, Blas Infante and Lepanto Avenue, inter. The project as a whole contemplates the gasification of practically the entire municipality.All these works have involved the creation of 20 direct and indirect jobs thanks to the start of the distribution activity, as construction technicians, installation technicians, commercial or inspectors, inter alia.

The arrival of natural gas to Serón benefits mainly the tertiary sector, small industrial, Public Buildings, in addition to all households that contract the service. The activity of Redexis will contribute to the growth and competitive development of the municipality and to increase the well-being and quality of life of its citizens, that will be able to safely enjoy economical and efficient energy with multiple advantages such as greater comfort, security, and greater savings on the bill.

The use of natural gas in the home saves up to 35%, it is also the cleanest traditional energy source: has very low emissions of particles and CO2. Moreover, the development of these infrastructures is supplying a boost for industry and local businesses, that through access to cleaner and more efficient energy can increase their efficiency with savings of between 30% and 40% on your bill.