Redexis Gas invested two million euros in expanding the natural gas network in Vera

Redexis Gas, one of the leading companies dedicated to the development and operation of transmission and distribution of natural gas in Spain and liquefied petroleum gas (GLP), You will expand the network of natural gas in the town of Vera with the construction of more than 15 kilometer network to boost natural gas consumption between individuals and businesses in this municipality.

The company will invest more than 2 million euros in the construction of these new networks. For this, Redexis Gas is working closely with the municipality of Vera, which it has boosted the installation of natural gas pipelines in the town center and the coast area to serve residents and businesses in a coherent energy to sustainable development and the environment.

Specifically, Redexis Gas will extend the network to the connection between the city center of Vera town with the coast over 3,3 kilometers network, installation near 9 kilometers in the coastal area and the expansion of the pipeline in the town of Vera 3,2 kilometers. En total, with these actions will serve 1.800 homes in the town center and the hotels and restaurants in the area of ​​the coast.

The territorial delegate of Knowledge and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, He noted in the press conference that took place this morning that "natural gas is an essential resource in the current and future energy system Andalusian, as it reflected in the energy policy of the Board in the past 20 years old, which it has contributed to energy infrastructure backbone of Andalusia and Almería, economic development, business competitiveness and job creation ". Also, Gas explained that operates Redexis 13 municipalities in the province -Albox, Almería, Singing, Cuevas del Almanzora, Fondón, Garrucha, Huercal-Overa, Los Gallardos, Mojácar, Pulpí, Pannier, Velez-Rubio and Vera- with the possibility of serving 250.000 people.

For his part, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, He stressed "the commitment of the current government to develop infrastructure for the future, allowing the prosperity of the municipality and benefit both residents and businesses that develop their economic activity in Vera or are thinking about investing in our people. The natural gas will allow many families and businesses veratenses an energy alternative to the big rise in the energy bill that we are living in the last days ". Conclusion, the mayor concluded by showing his satisfaction "to contribute from the consistory and alternative measures for the conservation of our environment betting on the use of clean energy respectful with the environment how natural gas is."

The regional director of Redexis Gas in Eastern Andalusia, José Enrique Carretero, He stressed that this extension "will benefit the neighbors who have access to a source of clean and affordable energy, and the hotel industry and catering they will find in this energy a key ally to improve their competitiveness ". The natural gas reduces CO2 emissions compared to diesel combustion and does not generate solid waste, and ashes, or sulfur emitted into the atmosphere.

This action is to provide coverage for the hotel sector, restoration and businesses laundry area off the coast that will provide added value to these businesses because natural gas is one of the most economical and sustainable fuels for businesses and their implementation is very beneficial for its high calorific power, cleaning, comfort, security and ease of use. Its use improves energy efficiency and economic performance of these,
allowing saving around 45% on your energy bill.

Redexis Gas in Andalusia

Currently Redexis Gas is present in Andalusia 66 municipalities in the provinces of Almeria, Cádiz, Granada, Jaen and Malaga, and provides natural gas supply through more than 1.450 kilometers of transmission and distribution constructed and managed in Andalusia, generating 550 direct and indirect jobs stable.

Redexis Gas in Andalusia has made a total investment in natural gas infrastructure over 250 million euros to build modern pipelines and distribution networks that allow you to carry this energy currently more than 1.400.000 citizens, industries and businesses.

About Redexis Gas

Redexis Gas, one of the leading companies engaged in the transportation and distribution of natural gas, as well as the distribution and marketing of liquefied petroleum gas (GLP) in Spain. It operates more than 9.655 kilometers of gas networks spread throughout Andalucía, Aragon, Balearics, Castilla-La Mancha, Castile and León, Catalonia, Madrid's community, Valencian Community, Extremadura and Murcia with providing access to a safe source of energy, comfortable and efficient in regions more than nine million people, industries and businesses in 574 Municipalities. The company maintains a solid and ongoing expansion plan and network deployment with the aim of creating constant value in the communities where it is present. Redexis Gas generates more than 300 direct jobs and 2.800 indirect and closed the year 2016 with 157,1 million in EBITDA.