Purchena hosts the conference 'Conceptualization and Manifestations of Gender Violence'

The need to analyze the concepts, the causes and different manifestations of gender violence from the legal field, legal assistance and social to provide an adequate response to victims or the mainstreaming of gender rights and especially their application are some of the objectives set in the Days Conceptualization and manifestations of gender violence taking place in purchena the next 16 and 17 October.

The formation meeting organized by the municipality of Purchena, in collaboration with the Federation of Women Almanzora by iguadad, FEMAXI and the Association of Women Monte Carmelo is aimed at sensitizing and educating the public about the causes of gender violence and how to deal from prevention to care. Therefore it is to drill through interventions at the origin of the phenomenon, which it has claimed lives in our country more than a thousand women since 2003, according to their multidisciplinary dimension.

For this, It will feature the presentation "gender perspective in the right 'by the judge of the Superior Court, Inmaculada Montalbán. The coroner and professor at the University of Granada, Miguel Lorente will speak of 'Machismo and denial of violence. And in the afternoon, lawyer and vice president of the Association of Women Lawyers Themis, Altamira Gonzalo will provide more information on the treatment of gender violence in the judicial seat, theme that will follow the panel discussion open to the public with Raquel Contreras, Chief of Violence Government sub-delegation in Almeria, Laura Fernández Ramos, Psychologist Service Assistance for Victims of Andalusia in Almería, Brown Ana Martinez, attorney for the association AMUVI, specializing in comprehensive care for victims of gender violence and their children entity, the president of the Federation of Women with Disabilities in Andalusia, María Jesús Pérez Rubio and Yolanda Escobar, psychologist Information Center for Women Cantoria, General Secretary of the FEMAXI.

Prostitution and genital mutilation

Training for professionals and anyone interested, will continue on Thursday 18 October analyzing other forms of gender violence such as prostitution with the presentation by sociologist, Beatriz Ranea Triviño. It will also address 'Sexual and reproductive health of women and genital mutilation' with the participation of Casilda Velasco Judge Medicus Mundi.

For his part, María Escudero, forensic psychologist and coordinator of the conference will offer the presentation "victimization by domestic violence and its impact on the biopsychosocial health of the victims' and moderated the last round table with the participation of Maribel Montaño Requena, Head of the Unit for the Coordination of Gender Violence in the delegation of Government of Andalusia, Lola Parra of the Assumption, Labor Inspector, María del Sol García López, lawyer of the Administration of Justice. Juvenile Court of Almeria and Soledad Gutiérrez Balaguer, Magistrate Judge of the Court of Violence against Women No. 1 Almeria.

Registration is required in www.purchena.es certificate will be given to people who need it, Free activity with limited places.