Launching Station Water Treatment Albox.

The Chair of the Board, Susana Díaz, has assisted in Albox (Almería) the commissioning of Station Water Treatment (STAGE), has been a municipal investment 1,5 million and will supply to 15.000 locals.

This infrastructure, it has two lines of parallel processing 80 cubic meters, will thus purifying 150 liters of water per person per day, helping to solve the historical demand of the area, where water has a high rate of sulfites that make it unfit for consumption.

"Water is a good of all and has to be good for everyone", He said the president, that has been identified as one of the "challenges" of the Andalusian government that "when the tap is open, has to leave quality water in every corner of Andalusia ", no "differences between territories and other".

Susana Díaz has also thanked the City of Albox his "effort" for the implementation of this infrastructure, entrusted in that it results in "the quality of life of people".