Renfe propose a train that revitalizes eastern Andalusia endorsed by 12 social organizations

Policy makers of the City of Guadix (Granada), Business Association and the Grenadines and almerienses platforms in defense of the railroad last Wednesday held a meeting with the head of Renfe in Andalusia, Francisco Arteaga Gómez to discuss the situation of the railway in eastern Andalusia and propose a draft drawn up and endorsed by train 12 social and political institutions of the community to revitalize the area.

As it has informed the 'Comarca de Guadix train platform’ in a press release, The meeting served to expose the terrible situation in which the railway is on the eastern fringe of Andalusia and the proposal of a pilot project to revitalize rail, under the name of 'Tren Spain Emptied Eastern Andalusia (Thick): The train that unites us'.

Arteaga has ensured that move the document to higher authorities for further study, while the mayor of Guadix (PP), Lorente Jesus thanked the visit of this and asked Renfe maximum sensitivity for the proposal to be studied, as “it is a document completely propositivo, which aims to help and solve the problem railway Guadix and Almeria”.

According to the association, the project 'Train Emptied Eastern Andalusia Spain (Thick): The train that unites us’ It is presented as “a new tool that seeks the revival and enhancement of a means of transport that has been the most important in Europe since the nineteenth century and, in recent years it has entered a phase of decline due to poor political praxis, the lack of investment and the lack of interest to consolidate the conventional network to the detriment of high speed”.

With the launch of this project the association aims to structure and communicate the territories of Eastern Andalusia and to create a social and economic conditions that allow development of the area. Among the measures proposed in the document they are set to fix the relations least four daily each way between Granada and Almeria have those relationships Opening hours.

this would mean, according to the press release, the first train reaches the destination Granada and Almeria before 8,15 morning so that users can perform their tasks or jobs and reach the final destination between 21,00 waves 22,00 at night.

It also calls for these relations have connection with Avant trains to Malaga and Sevilla and combined tickets are established at reasonable prices.

Equally, They have also requested the reopening of the night train Alhambra Granada-Barcelona, Linares-half distance coverage Granada to Jaen populations and maintain Almería-Granada route as public service obligation, and that this obligation extends the stretch Granada-Bobadilla.

In the next weeks, the 'Guadix region platform for the train’ it will forward the proposal to the presidents of the provincial councils in Almería, Granada and Jaen, the Minister of Public Works of the Junta de Andalucía, to the president of Renfe, the president of ADIF and request meetings with deputies and senators from the province of Granada of all parties to present the document.

“Now what it is, It is that it rests from higher authorities. In this sense, we will explain all the necessary pedagogy that this plan is good and does not seek anything but conventional rail revitalize Eastern Andalusia”, commented platform.