Active aging program in almost 100 municipalities in the province

Active aging program in the province.

Active aging program in the province.
Active aging program in the province.

The Provincial de Almería multiplies actions to promote active and healthy aging among the largest in the province. A population amounting, in the thirteen areas of work covering Centers Community Social Services dependent Area Social Welfare Council, a 46.275 over 65 years old.

As he reported by the County Council in a note, the provincial institution promotes a wide range resources among the smaller municipalities of 20.000 inhabitants in order to provide activities, training and information to seniors, and promote spaces and opportunities to improve the quality of life of seniors. Also, there are resources whose budget has increased 20 percent and exceeding 92.000 Provincial euros that brings to the different municipalities involved in these initiatives.

Between them, Workshops include Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, that since it was put up Centers Community Social Services, They are planned activities for the prevention of dependency and promotion of active aging. These are activities that enjoy wide acceptance among municipalities, caregivers and the group of elderly.

In these workshops it is promoted from the autonomy and self-care, to physical activity, cognitive development, affective and staff as well as the promotion of social relations. Turn, highly participatory methodology, these workshops have been consolidated from the municipal supply opening its celebration all open spaces (public schools, day care centers, libraries, guadalinfos, multipurpose rooms, and parks, inter alia). The number of active aging workshops planned for this year is 88 and municipalities in which it is held are Abla, Abrucena, Albanchez, Alboloduy, Alcolea, Alcóntar, Alhabia, Alhama de Almería, Alicún, Almócita, Alsodux, Antas, Arboleas, Armuña of Almanzora, Bacares, Bayárcal, Bayarque, Bédar, Beires, Benahadux, Benitagla, Benizalón, Bentarique, Berja, Canjáyar, Singing, Carboneras, Chercos, Chirivel, Cuevas del Almanzora, Dalías, Enix, Felix, Fines, Fiñana, Fondón, Gádor, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, y Gérgal. Also, These workshops are also promoted in municipalities such as Huécija, Huércal de Almería, Huercal Overa, Illar, Instinción, Laroya, Laujar de Andarax, Líjar, Lubrín, Lúcar, macao, Mary, Mojácar, The Mojonera; Birth, Ohanes, Olula de Castro, Olula River, Oria, Padules, Partaloa, Paterna del Rio, Pechina, Pulpí, Purchena, Rágol, Rioja, Santa Cruz de Marchena, Santa Fe Mondújar, Senés, Pannier, Sierro, Somontín, Sorbas, Suflí, Taverns, Terque, Tíjola, Las Tres Villas, Tower, Turrillas, Urrácal, Vélez-Blanco, Vélez Rubio, Vera, Viator, Zurgena.

Alongside this, from Council taking as its starting point the workshops of active aging, II is being developed Active Ageing Guide (the first was published in 2013) which aims to keep the information line with the highest content using seeking improved fitness, psychic, cognitive, affective, interpersonal, social and moral people.

Turn, there is also the Radio Program "Life at a certain age ', in which every Wednesday, from 'dipalme Radio', This program aims to educate and inform older people of our province is done, awakening in them the need to live actively in this stage of life. With a duration of 55 minutes, The program is divided into three sections that address issues from aging, up experience of older through different activities and initiatives taking place in retirement homes, Day Care Centers, Associations and other. At the same time that, It is also the Regional Day of Coexistence, whose aim is to boost the value it brings to our society the experience of the years of our elders, last day 1 October International Day of Older Persons was held.

A day that had a festive hue in the Assisted Living of the County Council and the Department of Social Welfare repeat, in collaboration with the municipalities in the area, next 14 October in Fondon. An appointment for all over the province will have the opportunity to participate in a regional day of coexistence in which the importance of his figure will honor as a transmitter of values ​​and experiences to current generations.