Health professionals involved in 'Coffee with Science' at the IES Albujaira Huercal-Overa


Professional North Health District of Almeria have participated in the activity 'Coffee with Science' with a group of 60 Baccalaureate students of Secondary School Albujaira Huercal-Overa. These 'Coffee with science' meetings consist Science @ s with small groups of students and their teachers, developed in Universities, Research centers and other public spaces. It is an initiative coordinated by the Foundation Discover, in collaboration with leading research institutions and disclosure of Andalusia, and it has the support of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge.

The objective of this activity is to bring scientific work students, to thus known to experts personally, to chat with them and discover their motivations to investigate, the difficulties they have encountered and achievements are getting. Thus, it is intended to overcome the stereotype held in his laboratory scientist, because they put students face, They know the importance and the development of their work, knowledge that might wake future scientific vocations.

This year is the first time that the Northern Area Health Almeria participate in these cafes science, for what have organized three roundtables. The first one under the title 'Journey to the Center of the Mind', It was developed by psychiatrist North Health District of Almeria, Andrés Fontalba, whose research interests are promoting adolescent health and the study of bipolar disorder.

The second of the tables has been titled 'Discovery and Science: take a fresh look ', by the nurse Miguel Company, whose investigations concern the influence socially dissemination of knowledge on population health. Specifically, Company carried out a study on the influence of discourses on obesity in adolescents and their perception about their health people affected by chronic disease

The last of the tables has directed the nurse Beatriz Berbel, with the slogan 'I decide, my health depends on my '. Berbel has exhibited his work, focused on improving the quality of life of the elderly.

During the development of the tables, made in the near environment to youth, practitioners have conveyed to them that research is not as complicated as it might at first seem, They have been telling stories and daily activities that inadvertently investigated. Students, meanwhile, He asked about his research, how to carry them out and the possibility of engaging in future research.

At the end coffees students have expressed their satisfaction for this activity, as they have learned in a very pleasant way things fairly unknown field for them.