Scheduled for today and tomorrow notice orange snowfall in the province of Almería

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) provides notice orange snow from the 10:00 hours until midnight today in the region of Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez, where snow build up is expected 10 inches, with a probability between 40 and 70%. In this region, Yellow warning is active low temperature until 09:00 Today hours, with a minimum of minus six degrees.

The snow also make an appearance today at Birth and Taverns, where yellow warning AEMET expected from the 10 hours today until midnight, with an accumulation of up 4 centimeters and a probability similar to that provided in Valle del Almanzora.

Snow also for tomorrow

On the other hand, the agency plans again notice orange snow tomorrow Thursday, 19, from the 08:00 hours until midnight, in the Almanzora Valley and Los Vélez – where snow can reach 17 inches- as well as Birth and Taverns, where a thickness of expected 15 centimeters and a probability of between 40 and 70%.

Lifesaving Tips

Emergencies Andalusia offers a series of tips and recommendations for minimizing the adverse effects that the snow may have on the population. It is important to have proper footwear and clothing and check, before the arrival of snow, the state that is our home, especially roofs and heating systems.

It is advisable to disconnect all electrical appliances that are not needed, as well as keeping open stopcocks to prevent the water from freezing in pipes. As far as possible, it is best to stay home, especially children and older; and whether to go outside several overlapping better bring light and warm clothes, rather than a single thick tissue. It is important to avoid tight clothing, to allow air to circulate and act as insulation.

In an episode of snow as provided by the AEMET for next Thursday, it is best not to take the car, but if unavoidable, it is best to do it together and learn about the state of the roads before start. Andalusia emergency circular recommends a full tank, maintain clean exhaust snow, checking brakes, tires, lights, antifreeze and carry chains (to put them in the event of hard snow or ice). After a snowfall must move with extreme caution, not stop in wet areas, or make sudden changes in direction that could motivate loss of vehicle control.

Motorists should be aware that if the snow surprises them in the car and away from a population, it is best to stay inside the vehicle for shelter; should keep the engine running with the heater on, we must avoid falling asleep and, always, leave a slot open window to clear the air and avoid possible poisoning.

In this type of episodes of adverse weather, Andalusian emergency system reminds people need to be well informed, through the media and official channels in which to consult predictions and know the indications that the authorities made in this regard, for example through accounts in social networks.

Those planning to attend should inform the mountains before the weather forecasting and choose the area according to their physical training and their knowledge of the mountain. It is important to know the location of shelters or huts which shelter in case of a sudden drop in temperature occur, storms or other adverse weather conditions, something common in mountainous areas. In all cases, it is advisable to carry loaded mobile phone, and pay attention and respect the instructions of the posters on possible risks.

Last, from the emergency to the public are reminded that should not spread rumors or exaggerated information about the situation and to any emergency use 1-1-2, a free phone, which you can be called any day of the year, at any time and from any terminal for help.