Vera presented in the poems '119 poems no future', the last work of Pedro Soler Valero

Felix Lopez, with author.

Felix Lopez, with author.

The Convento de la Victoria Vera Friday welcomed the presentation of '119 poems no future', for now the last literary work of Pedro Soler Valero is, both, the fourth title of publisher veratense 'Espacio Lector Nobel', directed by Rodolfo Criado.

Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, opened the ceremony expressing the gratitude of the City to the editorial work of Rodolfo Criado: "thanks to that, Today we have the honor of enjoying a book of poems written with sublime simplicity to make it easy to understand ". "This new book by Pedro Soler", Felix Lopez raised, "Follows the line of this master, that that poems are not a unit with compartments, But every one of them can be read regardless of previous or later ". "Poetry of Almeria has a future in the cultural sphere across the province", concluded.

Then, Jose Heras made a thorough literary foray into '119 poems no future'. He dissected the poetry of Pedro Soler, which he described as 'amazing collection of poems', from the influences of other poets in the author, through careful observation of the "lack of specificity in names, dates, places, with the exception of Aguamarga, the only people who gathered and must explain why ". Also, José Heras said, among other references, the omnipresence of the word 'forget' almost all the poems of Pedro Soler, some of which in its introduction enshrined.

Pedro Soler Valero left testimony that "when ever I write I allude to specific individuals, or places, because my intention is that anyone can make use of some of my verses, that readers can identify with or relive some point in their life ". Pedro Soler gave reason to Jose Heras on the influence that some poets, mainly Javier Gil de Biedma, They exercised in his work.

Pedro Soler Valero was born in Sorbas. In 1962 he moved to Barcelona where he worked in various trades related to drawing and painting. He held exhibitions in various countries, and he maintained friendships with writers and poets of the time. finally moved his residence to Sorbas in the year 2007, and he has since published several novels, stories and poetry.