Presented the book "Earth in Vera: New contributions on the history of a frontier territory "

The book brings together the series of conferences held in Vera 2018 during the celebration of the V anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the city 9 November 1518.

Last Day 12 It was held at the Convento de la Victoria Vera presentation of the book of lectures on Vera "La Tierra de Vera: New contributions on the history of a frontier territory ".

Mayor Vera, José Carmelo Jorge, and the Councilor for Culture, Manuela Caparrós, together with the coordinators of the book, Victor Luque de Haro, professor of University of Almería, and Manuel Caparrós Perales, Archivist of the City, They presented the publication accompanied by Pedro López, author of the prologue.

The event is part of the commemorative activities of the 450 anniversary of the resistance to the attack of the Moorish troops of Aben Humeya the 25 September 1569, one of the most important episodes in the history of the town, veratense for the Consistory has planned an extensive cultural program which will last until December.

Coinciding with this presentation, attendees could enjoy an exhibition ceded by the Provincial de Almería and the Institute of Almería Studies and organized by the Association of Moors and Christians Vera. The sample included a series of works of posters prepared by Domingo Ortiz Soler, archaeologist Vera Historical Museum, and some input from the Municipal Archives veratense.

'La Tierra de Vera. New contributions on the story of a border territory’ It is rooted in cultural activities organized by the local council in 2018 on the occasion of the V centenary of the earthquake that devastated the city 9 November 1518, gathering all conferences held on the history of the city.

As he explained by Victor Luque, the book "includes a series of works that have in common the study of different periods and aspects of the land of Vera. From a multidisciplinary perspective, scientists, archaeologists, philology, planners architects, historians, economists and teachers of different subjects, bring us closer to the story occurred in these lands. While it might be thought to be a work focused on local history, treatment of different issues beyond this framework and contextualization that takes place in different work allows us to extract useful arguments for the interpretation of a story that goes beyond the regional. The characteristics of the land of Vera and the various events that have taken place throughout history configured certain features that allow its classification as a vulnerable territory and border. For these reasons, The work also allows valuable lessons about economic behavior, sociological and political occurred in a territory with these attributes ".

For his part, Mayor Vera, He transmitted during the presentation how this book "responds to a clear will of the City Council to vindicate the importance of our history and promote the transfer of knowledge from researchers and historians to society". Jorge Blanco I recalcaldo concluded by the book co-published by the University of Almeria and the Consistory "is a good example of the necessary institutional collaboration and commitment to promote synergistic relationships faforezcan scientific dissemination".