Presented the poster of the Moors and Christians 2017 de Vera

Time of the poster presentation.

Time of the poster presentation.

The fourth edition of 'Moros y Cristianos' Vera, which this year presents attractive technological innovations, He began yesterday at the Convento de la Victoria with poster presentation of representative parties, clothed act that many members of the Cultural Association of Moros y Cristianos veratense, and Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, and the Councilor for Culture, Isabel de Haro.

Concha Fernández, complying with the important work of emcee, He gave the floor to the mayor of Culture Cultural Association thanked the willingness and effort to reach the fourth anniversary, "When it seemed that the initiative would remain little more than an anecdote. Also, you have had the great wisdom to integrate the parade of Moors and Christians in the festivities in honor of our Patrona, Our Lady of Sorrows ". "You are a benchmark", Isabel de Haro added, "Both Vera culture and tourism incentivizing". Culture Councilwoman ended his speech by showing the support of the Municipal Cultural Institution Association of Moors and Christians Vera.

Time to discover the poster produced by Javier Carmona, took the stand the Mayor veratense, Councilmember Culture, the president of the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians, José Manuel Ramírez, and Secretary of the Association, Pedro López. Javier Carmona explained the reasons which inspired him for making poster, as well as the most relevant historical facts that wanted to reflect on it.

With the poster of the Moors and Christians Festival in sight, Pedro López, secretary of the Cultural Association, He made a summary of the book "Vera in War. Origin San Cleopas Day "which is the author and whose illustrations are the work of José ramón París. This new volume continues the story of Vera from the book presented last year, 'La Conquista de Vera and Axarquía Almeriense', Arias Navarro written by Magdalena.

Pedro López revealed some unknowns of the uprising of the Moorish Kingdom of Granada and the consequences in the city of Vera that "for many historians is the first civil war in the Andalusian territory and had a special echo effects". Narrated Pedro López mutual assistance agreement between Vera and Lorca, How were the preparations for the defense of the city and support lorquino, and the spite of a Aben Humeya failed in conquering Vera, who addressed Cuevas del Almanzora seeking revenge.

Subsequently, as a step prior to the screening of a video that reflects the essence of the Moors and Christians Vera, Felix Lopez, mayor veratense, He highlighted the work of the whole Association without forgetting the work of Manuel Caparrós, municipal archivist, "Who spread the story of our past in schools, because in order to have a present and a future of guaranteed progress, we must never forget our past ". "And this I want to thank", Félix López added, "On behalf of the Municipal Corporation to all the people of Vera, the Association of Moors and Christians because you are encouraging young people to know our history ". Félix López recalled that the presence of the Moors and Christians Vera in the last edition of FITUR achieved international impact of the municipality but, both, "It represents a responsibility to make this celebration is getting brighter", he added.

José Manuel Ramírez, president of the Cultural Association Moors and Christians Vera, recalled the beginnings of the party, "it said soon and we already for the fourth year, sign of affection that Vera has not only the Party, if not culture, history, tradition ". Ramirez thanked the support of the City veratense, the author of the poster and, "Especially all the people who make it possible for Vera Moors and Christians is a reality. Today we were able to not just a parade, It is also culture, It is also the history and discover our origins ". President of the Association announced the cultural activities, like last year, They are to celebrate.

Also, He predicted that soon will launch the official website of the Association, whose domain is and from which you can access a vast graphic and literary documents, like signaling pathway camps or the history of the different groups, squares and barracks. Last, José Manuel Ramírez invited anyone who wishes to attend the grand parade to be held the next day 9 June, with the assurance that he will return to Vera to spend the summer all year.

The presentation of the Cartel of Moors and Christians Vera concluded with an exhibition of oriental dance by Victoria García, veratense artist who works in various parts of the world.