Albox presentation of 'The Train Rain’ y 'Setecientos Maindra Verses'.

The Hall of Federico García Lorca’ Albox their finery will be next Friday, day 27 June, to host the presentation of the author's books Martin Torregrosa. The literary event is organized by the City of Albox, through the Department of Culture, and will take place from the eight p.m..

'Train of Rain’ y 'Setecientos Verses Maindra’ are the two works presented publicly during the celebration of this event. Also, the cultural festival will be attended by the author himself, Martin Torregrosa, and poets Pilar Quirosa, José Antonio Santano and José Antonio Sáez.

For his part, Councilman Culture Albox, Tito Carrillo, states that "We are pleased to have the presence of the poet albojense, who will talk about his two new creations. Lovers of poetry and literature have an appointment next Friday in the lounge Federico García Lorca, where in addition, count on the assistance of other renowned poets ".

Martin Torregrosa is a writer who began his career in the world of poetry at an early age. It was in the year 1986 when he founded, from the town of Albox, poetic journal Almond Gold ', where published poets of the stature of: Carlos Murciano, Julio Alfredo Egea, José García Nieto, Rafael Morales, Leopoldo de Luis, Mario Angel Marrodán, inter alia. Over recent years, the albojense poet has been included in several anthologies like 'Homage South Bay, Diego Granados', 'Poetry Almeria Contemporary', así como 'poets of Spain Poèsie of Silence’ published in France in 1992.

The albojense author published before the poems known as' Blood Ties’ (Almeria Studies Institute, collection Alfaix, 1997), with whom he won the prize for Peace Conference in Zurich. On the other hand, 'Blue is the color of the disinherited’ was selected to Blas de Otero Award.

Inside his intense professional and literary career, noteworthy that Torregrosa part in the play "The Breath of Water, Life Arts Diego Granados', edition of José Antonio Sáez and Jerónimo López in Batarro collection in 2000 and 'Almería Dorada', anthology foreword by Antonio Jiménez Rodríguez publications CajaSur in Cordoba, Year 2001. To this edition is added ‘ The Golden Age of Poetry Taurine’ in the Hall of Culture Venencia and Gerardo Diego de Santander Foundation 2003.

Fans and lovers of poetry have an appointment next Friday in the Auditorium Federico García Lorca Hall of Albox. A literary event, during which the albojense Torregrosa Martin will present his last two literary creations.