Possible discriminatory treatment to local trade in Huercal Overa.

The PSOE Huercal-Overa requests explanations to the council of finance for “zero rate” opening “Oriental shops” and planning permission bazaar Hyper ASIA.

In 2012, the council approved a special opening rate Oriental € 20,000 shops. This rate was, as he said the Councillor for Finance, “to protect small businesses” and referring to this type of bazaars, stated that “who comes to pay”.

Currently we have gone from a rate of opening 20.000 € to oriental shops, Year 2.012, to charge nothing. Superstores not pay license to open.

The council of finance should give explanations on the building permit bazaar HiperASIA, in a local “familiar” you paid less than “tenth” what it says tax ordinance.

The Socialists say it is not acceptable that by changing the windows of a house are charged 700 euros and put up a shop of 550 m² of a family of councilor, the council has collected 340 euros.

Reality 2014, is that this type of bazaars pay “zero euros” by opening license, like superstores that have gone to pay 10.000 € to zero. Establishments and Mercadona, Lidl, DIA or Consum not pay license to open in the town.

Socialist local group does not understand the change of position of Mrs. Sanchez Torregrosa, that 2012 said that these large surfaces not supposed to pay them anything 10.000 € for the opening, since they had their viability plans to settle in the city, and yet in 2014, should not charge them anything, considering that makes them disservice to small local businesses, leaving him completely unprotected.

On the other hand, Socialists call for Mrs. Sanchez Torregrosa explanations of “meager” 340 euros that have been offered by the building permit local adaptation 550 m² of a local “familiar” on which you installed the bazaar HiperASIA.

“We remind the council of finance that tax ordinance it approved in the year 2012, establishes a valuation of these works 370 € / m² and not 15 € / m² who have declared. We are talking about the declared value does not reach even cover soil placement Local” claim, adding that “while there are citizens who have paid more than 700 euros for planning permission to change the windows in your home, Councilwoman not leading by example in the family home, which are paid 340 € transform local raw over 500 m² a bazar oriental”.