Pedro Salmeron visit Quarries 'Blanco Macael' for the reconstruction project of Velez Blanco Patio

The architect Pedro Salmerón, awarded the contract writing project, optional construction management and coordination of safety and health for the reconstruction of the Patio del Castillo Velez Blanco, He has come this morning, along with members of his technical team, Beatriz Martin Peinado, restorer and Francisco Campos Fernández, technical architect, the Marble Region in order to visit and learn, first hand, the quarries from which the material will be provided for work velezana, declared of Cultural Interest 1985, and originally, housed rich marble reliefs 'Blanco Macael'.

A visit to farms marble has gone before a meeting headed by Antonio Sánchez EEA, President of the Association, and Jesus Posadas and Luis Segura, as commissions responsible for Marketing and Industry respectively, accompanied by José Pastor, General secretary. This meeting is within the framework of conveniofirmado by the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA) with the Ministry of Economy, Science and Employment in April 2015 and which also they involved the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the City of Velez Blanco and the Andalusian Stone Technology Center (CTAP). That agreement would restore the Patio of Honor of the Castle of Velez Blanco while boosting the image of the brand Macael Marble.

With support 1.130.000 euros, by the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, Recovery Patio of Honor is understood as a strategic measure to boost the sector of natural stone in Almería, helping to increase awareness and differentiation as a brand Macael marble, on an international level.

Thus, AEMA, through agreement, endorses the commitment to advise on farms to use in the project, during the visit of the architect, and channeling the supply by way no expensive raw material, with counterpart, by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Employment, to contribute to the international promotion of the brand Macael marble through a campaign of international communication to enhance the reputation of Macael, its marble and know-how in the global market and for recovering, with profit, the investment in terms of brand value.

Patio recovery, currently he exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, also it represents the union of historical and artistic value of this with the value and quality of the brand Macael, which it is managed by the 'Marca Macael' initiative and supported by the 'Foundation Marca Macael', platform promoted by the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA), with the aim of acting as a tool for promotion and marketing sector.

The Castillo de Vélez-Blanco, XVI century palatial fortress, It was the residence of the noble family of Fajardo and housed a work of singular beauty and artistic quality, the Patio of Honor, by Italian marble artists 'Blanco Macael'. The courtyard was acquired in 1904 by a French art dealer, turn, He sold it to American billionaire George Blumenthal, who used it in his residence and, after death, It was donated to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.