Do not tell stories!

Por Jose Luis Sánchez Teruel (PSOE Secretary General of Almería).

With the numbers in hand, in these two years of the Popular Party in Spain in the province of Almería have been destroyed today 14.800 jobs, as reflected in the data of Labour Force Survey (EPA) released this week. Rajoy noted these days that labor reform is working well but for whom? Who has gone to unemployment or large employers who have saved a fortune with the facilities of labor reform? Yours always win.

Los data is devastating. At the end of last year had Almería 226.400 busy people, against the 241.200 it was when he entered the PP Government, namely, have been destroyed in Almería 14.800 jobs, 9.300 in the last year. Also, the rate of economic activity in the province of Almería, instead of recovering, He also dropped two points (of 66,12% to the 64,21%) during 2013, highlights what we have gotten worse, and that recovery of the PP is talking only in your imagination. Here someone is lying and, in view of the facts, I think it is the government of the Popular Party who again lied.

The figures show the difference between the real economy and the economy families dream, which is selling the Rajoy government through macroeconomic data that no one understands and no one note at home. With this survey in hand, light at the end of the tunnel trying to move the PP is literally a story. And it is also because the new labor contracts are being made with few hours, with wages in many cases do not exceed 600 and 800 euros, temporary and long days. This is the reality of what is happening: PP has turned the labor market in a sort of balance jobs submitted to its limits many families who are unable to reach, no longer make ends meet, but daily 15 of each month. We no longer speak of the slope of January, because the costs go up every day throughout the year and great suffering.

A is alturas, Clearly, while families not notice that recover employment, their rights and their purchasing power, there will be no real economic recovery. Data were paint as paint or recite fables people you want, the reality is that the staff is not for them to tell many tales.