Nelly Rodi selects Lorusso Mermeladas Artesanales at the Maison Fair&Objet Paris as a trademark trend for the year 2019



Globally, companies need to create new rules with innovative solutions for alternative growth, adopting sustainable consumption practices. It is a pressing social issue, which can not be ignored. Respect others and nature, saving natural resources, transmit knowledge to future generations, fight planned obsolescence: These are the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Under the direction and scenery of Vincent Grégoire (Lifestyle Department Manager Nelly Rodi Agency), you can enjoy 7 to the 11 September at the Pavilion 5A famous fair Maison&Objet Paris's inspirational space "VIRTUOUS”. A disruptive and innovative space that simulates a small population, where inspirational products and brands are displayed which operate under a new philosophy of life, a more virtuous ethics with innovative solutions to cope with alternative growth consumer practices related to sustainability, Circular economy and the fight against planned obsolescence, without sacrificing modernity and design. In this innovative space shown by the circle “Virtuoso”, in order to encourage the creation of this new dynamic that ultimately, benefits all.

On Lorusso
His small workshop is located in Chercos, a small mountain village with less than 300 inhabitants located in the Valle del Almanzora, province of Almería. Develop their ecological premium handmade jams handmade in small quantities under the concept and fisolofía "slowmade" and "slowliving", using renewable energy sources.

Fruit acquire small local producers, and they have their own ecological olive plantation "Finca Cortijo El Marqués".

His philosophy "Neo slow" and mix of Hispanic / Italian cultures offer results in a combination of craft tradition of southern Spain with modern and contemporary designs northern Italy. The result of this has received several awards and national and international awards in product quality, design, packaging, and micropyme successful model in the use and consumption of renewable energy, In addition to being members of Excellence quality seal "LuxurySpain Gourmet" belonging to the Spanish Association of Luxury.

In Lorusso They are engaged with these new "Virtuous" rules focused and aligned with the economy of values, of purpose and sustainable gourmet.