Municipalities against depopulation calls on the authorities to act before the demographic challenge

The board of the association will request meetings with those responsible for
the Provincial, the Andalusian and Subdelegación to propose to them
Possible ways of working to curb the loss of inhabitants in the interior
from the province.
The Association of Municipalities in Sustainable Development and defense against
Depopulation (AMCODES) He wants to involve the various administrations
public in the fight against population loss is occurring in
spacious interior areas of the province of Almería. To this end, Directive
the association will apply, in the coming days, holding paths
meetings with the president of the Diputación de Almería, the delegate
Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería and the Government Sub
central, in which he will use to "make themselves known" representatives
public and point out possible ways of working.
President of Municipalities Against Depopulation and mayor of Almócita,
Francisco García, He explained that the association was born "for the purpose
be a useful tool for our peoples, constituted as a
valid interlocutor with the authorities and urge them to take us in
serious demographic scenario in which we, so that from
all levels of government has a firm commitment to halt and reverse this
In this framework, the city will host the next Almócita 4, 5 and 6 of
October, the second conference 'rural Albada, sustainable peoples', organized
by the Spanish Association Against Depopulation and the City of
Almócita, with the collaboration of the Association of Municipalities against
Depopulation. From AMCODES have thanked the Diputación de Almería
to support the holding of this event and have pointed out that also has
requested the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía, although they have not yet received
The Association of Municipalities in Sustainable Development and defense against
Depopulation was established in 2018 to house the municipalities of the
Almeria province they are having difficulty sustaining population,
especially less than 1.000 people, where the problem is
more pronounced.
Among the objectives of the association it is that the actual situation is displayed
these municipalities, because the abandonment of peoples "not only affects
municipalities of central and northern Spain, but is occurring
all rural and, although our province is one that has a
highest population growth in Spain, inside of it
He is depopulating ", Francisco Garcia explained.
"From our partnership we want to value our territory, the
culture, the Heritage, endogenous resources and the right of neighbors and
neighbors of our peoples to live where each choose, with the same
rights and benefits than any other territory ", He added the
President and Mayor of Almócita, who warns that "with the abandonment of
our people great losses and shortages occur not only
impact on their neighbors, but affect all, because our municipalities
They are the heritage of the whole society ".
The Association of Municipalities in defense of rural development and against
Depopulation, registered in the Register of Associations of Andalusia, has his
seat, in the current year, in the municipality of Almócita. Board
It is composed of Francisco García, Mayor Almócita, which it is the
President; Herminia Uroz, Mayor of Birth, vice President; Trinidad
Gongora, Mayor of Santa Fe de Mondújar, Secretary; and Sergio Sánchez,
Mayor of Líjar, treasurer.