Environment reinforces vigilance against poaching in the Sierra de los Filabres during the rutting deer.

The Junta de Andalucía has launched, one more year, a special monitoring device in the Sierra de los Filabres to prevent poaching during the time of the rutting deer. In the work of control, carried out the clock, Agents involved Service Environment, a hunting technical and environmental eight officers in coordination with the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard and the Police Unit Board.

It has been found that poachers often take this time to bring down his pieces easily, since animals are in their reproductive cycle, which makes clump together and are easily discovered. Also, Deer have a developed antlers that give more value on the illegal market. This makes the rutting deer poaching acts will increase.

Because of the significant tourist potential of this show, the special monitoring device will also perform access control and visitor information, to enable observation of social habits and behavior of the species during heat respecting the habitat of these animals and not interfering in such a delicate moment of the life cycle Hart.

The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, He recalled that several local companies offering tours and excursions with specialized guides, because each year more nature tourists want to witness this spectacle in Filabres. Warns that wild animals is not accustomed to people and to bear in mind that there are areas where vehicle traffic is prohibited, since they alter the biological cycle of these animals. The deer population is around Almeria 2.000 copies and enclaves as The Chortal (Gérgal), the Orapla (Pannier) o Barrancones (Bacares) They are ideal places to hear the bellowing or even witness a fight between males.

The delegate stressed that as a result of the public offering of hunting by the Department of the Environment and Spatial Planning in the Sierra de Los Filabres hunting activity, specifically the big game brings economic benefits and impact on job creation for this region. All income obtained by hunting are invested in the natural environment through management and monitoring tasks, improve habitats, arrangements roads, planting and other activities for the management of enclosed spaces.

Rutting deer

The deer rutting season, the popular berrea, begins in September and ends in October, being at dawn and dusk when you can hear the males emit hoarse bellowing to mark territory against other males. This sound spectacle of nature as starring deer and other cervids as sexual claim to woo females. The strength and size of the animal are felt in the power of his Berreo warning of their presence to potential competitors.

During most of the year deer often live alone in the forest separated females living in herds. In late summer, males approach the females groups and start the courtship ritual. Not only they emit howls but also mark territory with their urine, removing land, rubbing its horns against the bark of trees and preparing to fight other males.

During the rut the males fight each other with their antlers in fights bravas being the leader, Antlers being their main weapon. The winner meets male harems up 50 and females after mating, the female, if it is fertilized, You have one fawn after 8 months pregnant with the beginning of spring.