Environment evaluates 15 new production projects of solar and wind energy in Almeria

Sustainability and competitiveness of the Andalusian economy through the growth of renewables in the energy model of the province and the gradual replacement of fossil fuels. This was transfer the delegate of Environment and Planning, Raúl Enríquez, the members of the Provincial Council for the Environment and Biodiversity, a consultative and participatory body in the field hunting, fish, forest, flora and fauna, and protected areas Natura 2000. At its last meeting of the year, Enriquez reported fifteen projects production of solar and wind energy is evaluating the Department of the Environment on which have been established hydrological and environmental conditions, Scenic and evacuation, initiatives which "will increase the guarantees of sustainability of our energy future".

Council on other issues such as the progress of the three European Life + projects that are running in Almeria also addressed, Blue Natura, Adaptamed and Conhabit, and interventions of the Board in matching channels and wadis. In this ambit, the delegate of the Environment has highlighted the completion of the first phase of restoration projects and other Adra river 15 subtramos river in the province (Rambla Morales, Angosturas of Galáchar in Alhama, Aguas river and streams of Albuferas, inter alia). Speaking, Enríquez has highlighted the success of Plan INFOCA and programs sustainable marine management. Also, The delegate provided information on the award of exploitation in public forests, on the tasks of monitoring of flora and fauna or the status of network equipment conservation and public use.

Council members Environment have known the proposed integration of the 'Salar de los Canos', and Vera, Wetland Inventory in Andalusia which has already been incorporated 'The Bank of Algaida', Roquetas de Mar. Enriquez explained that it is running the necessary works to allow functional recovery of drainage runoff from the Rambla del Algarrobo and avoid flood risks associated with the spill of that wadi, ensuring that their runoff again reach the sea and the preservation of the unique 'salar' associated with this wadi.

Enriquez also referred at the beginning of the participation process Hydrological Plan 2021-2027 which you can be accessed from the website of Ministry of Environment and Planning.

Status of wetlands

During the session was presented to the Provincial Council for the Environment and Biodiversity Management Report Natura 2000 in Almeria with statistical data and results of the follow-ups and performances in different protected areas that make the Net, among which the activities included in recovery plans and conservation of steppe birds, fish and invertebrate aquatic epicontinentales, and high peaks and dunes, beaches and coastal cliffs. The balance includes an exhaustive review of the programs broadcast, sensitization, environmental volunteer participation and aimed at university, educative community, higher, etc., as well as participation in various courses and activities organized by other entities.

Also, data and wintering waterfowl breeding within three Ramsar wetlands included in the Natura Network were presented 2000: Salinas de Cerrillos, Charcones of Punta Entinas and Lagoons of Adra. During the Iinvernada of 2017 they were counted 18.035 these birds in wetlands 113 different species and was in the Salinas Cerrillos where more birds concentrated (6.725).

In 2017, They reproduced in Cerrillos, Entinas and Albuferas well marbled teal and ruddy, – cataloged 'in peligro'-, the canastera, charrán communes. These wetlands concentrated the 90% of breeding pairs in the province of Black-necked Grebe and Little Tern.