Environment is the Regional Team Andalucía burnings, made up of seconded staff to Infoca Plan

Antonio Martínez visit Seron CEDEFO.

Antonio Martínez visit Seron CEDEFO.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has created the Regional Team Andalucía burnings (There was also a), consisting attached to the device for the Prevention and Extinction of Forest Fires technical Andalusia, el Plan Infoca, both staff official Ministry itself as belonging to the Agency for the Environment and Water.

Given the complexity and responsibility involved the use of technical fire prevention and extinguishing forest losses, the Erqua has among its main functions the implementation of a plan to burn for reducing or eliminating fuel plant in places at risk of large fires, as well as the means organizing and executing them in periods of low and danger (November to May).

Another fundamental pillar to execute burning in optimal safety conditions is the training of professionals that make up the technical and operational groups in fire management. For this, Theoretical and practical sessions are held in public motes, in order to better understand fire behavior and weather, and handling the same tasks in real fire extinguishing.

Since Year 2012 plan began training in the use of technical preventive fire management and suppression of forest fires, It has made thirty practical exercises involving more than 300 students of the coaching staff and various other categories of forest fire Infoco such as specialist groups, the Bricas, pumper truck drivers, as well as agents for the Environment.

With the establishment of this team, counseling assumes the non-legislative proposal, approved last February, in which the Committee on the Environment and Planning of the Andalusian Parliament, Governing Council urged the Board to continue with prescribed burns in the preventive management of the Andalusian mountains and the theoretical and practical training of personnel that perform.

Similarly, the final conclusions of the seminar "Climate and Global Change, Fires and use of fire in Mediterranean ecosystems ", organized by the Andalusian Center for Drug Evaluation and Monitoring Global Change (CAESCG), at the University of Almería, Andalusian encouraged the administration to this tool make it available services fighting forest fires to prevent the risk of fire and minimize damage they produce.