More than twenty almerienses peoples constitute an association against depopulation

180621 photo AMCODES

The group seeks boost municipalities and prevent depopulation, which affects more than half of the 103 provincial towns

More than twenty villages in the province of Almeria has been the Association of Municipalities in Sustainable Development and Defense Against Depopulation (AMCODES), a group that arises from a "disturbing reality", as is the risk of depopulation of the smaller towns in the province. De facto, ensure that 51 of the 103 municipalities of Almería are less than 1.000 inhabitants and, them, 36 have less than 500 people.

So, warn that half of the almerienses people are at risk of disappearing. What has motivated this group of municipalities to form this association it has been, precisely, change this trend. "We believe that the disappearance of our peoples leads rigged the loss of heritage, culture and traditions, environmental and landscape losses and, ultimately, loss of wealth both tangible and intangible, which is not only the heritage of the residents of our towns, but it belongs to all, also those who live in large urban centers ", He has argued AMCODES president and mayor of Almócita Almería, Francisco García.

"We want the situation where we display and search, with the cooperation of all administrations, associations and agents who work in different areas of our province, the revitalization of our people and get short and medium term to curb this situation and changing the consequences that flow from them ", Garcia has delved.

AMCODES representation Almería wants to serve all public entities associated, as well as private entities and stakeholders that promote sustainable development and promote the settlement of the population in these territories. Also, this partnership will serve as an interlocutor to defend the common interests of the associated municipalities to other administrations or public or private entities.

Garcia has revealed that the association is established with 22 municipalities representing all regions of the province of Almeria and has encouraged those who share these same concerns for sustainable development and depopulation integrate into AMCODES Almería.

AMCODES Board is composed Almería, by:

  • President: Francisco García (City Hall Almócita).
  • vice President: Trinidad Jiménez (Municipality of Tahal).
  • Secretary: Trinidad Gongora (City of Santa Fe de Mondújar).
  • Treasurer: Cristian I (Municipality of Olula de Castro).
  • Vowels: Sergio Sánchez (Municipality of Líjar), Virtues Teresa Pérez (City of Las Tres Villas), Jacinto Navarro (Municipality of Bayárcal), José Núñez (Municipality of Alhabia), Maria Isabel Serrano (City Hall Urrácal), Antonio Navarro (Municipality of Alicún), Rafael García (Municipality of Velefique), Eufronio Hernández (Municipality of Ohanes).