More than two million to expand the CEIP Alvarez de Sotomayor of Cuevas del Almanzora

The Provincial Delegate with the Mayor and municipal and downtown representatives.

The Provincial Delegate with the Mayor and municipal and downtown representatives.

The Ministry of Education will invest more than two million euros in the expansion and reform of the CEIP 'Alvarez de Sotomayor’ Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería) to which it will provide another line of infant and primary schools to move from 528 Current school places up to 675. As the Board has transferred in a note, after the last post 15 December of the tender for the drafting of the modernization and expansion project, the delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, has made a visit to the center accompanied by the mayor of the town, Antonio Fernández, and the Councilor for Education, Ana Maria Castro.

After touring the facilities, held a meeting with the management team to analyze the planned actions. In addition to the CEIP ‘Álvarez de Sotomayor’, Fernández visited the Teaching Center and the ‘Encarnación Asensio Granados’ schools, ‘Sierra Almagrera’ and ‘Our Lady of Carmen’, which has a new dining room.

The intervention in the CEIP Álvarez de Sotomayor contemplates the reform and modernization of the existing facilities. Specifically, The project will address the construction of a new module that will house six classrooms on the ground floor with toilets plus a common room for child education, and a new specific special education classroom with adapted toilet.

On the first floor the new spaces for primary not be possible to locate the existing building and a room for the association of parents of students will be placed. It will be built, also, a new gym with storage and wardrobe.

In the main building spaces on the ground floor will be redeployed for another three classrooms Children, and two outer modules toilets primary. the administration area also redistributes, Pupil toilets will be renovated, teachers and non-teaching staff, cover with waterproofing and withdrawal of deposits will be improved disused, Electrical installation and security will be adapted in case of fire, They will be healed and repaired cracks and woodwork and tiles are replaced, among other improvements. The teachers' houses and the preschool building will be demolished and an exempt module that is currently used as a morning classroom will be redistributed to obtain three small group classrooms and a toilet.